Braces Aren’t Just For Straightening Teeth

When you think of braces, you automatically think of straightening the teeth.

Braces have been around for years. In more recent years, clear aligners have become popular too. In high school, it was more common to have braces than to not have braces and even now, adults are opting for braces too. But did you know that braces are used for more than just straightening teeth?

Braces Aren’t Just For Straightening Teeth

When we think of braces we think of teeth becoming straighter. While braces, both fixed and removable are still very much used for this, they are also used to combat a number of other dental problems. To find out more, keep reading!

Speech Impediments.

Orthodontic aligners are often used as a way of combatting speech impediments. The teeth play an important role in the articulation of consonants. If misaligned, this can make pronunciation more challenging.  Those with speech impediments may benefit from orthodontic aligners to assist them in correcting their pronunciation over time. While not a severe medical concern, if someone is particularly conscious of their speech impediment, this may be a life-changing treatment.

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TMJ/Jaw Pains.

The Temporomandibular joint, also referred to as the TMJ, is the joint where the lower jaw,  joins the upper jaw. This joint can become misaligned, leading to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms that can be difficult to diagnose. In some cases, orthodontic treatment is used to help adjust the alignment of the TMJ and reduce or eliminate the symptoms. If this is something you think you are struggling with, speak to your dentist. They will be able to provide a diagnosis and discuss a treatment plan with you.

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Difficulty chewing and eating.

If you suffer with malocclusion (where the teeth are not positioned perfectly when the mouth is closed) you might find that chewing is uncomfortable. Imagine your teeth hitting together while you are eating – certainly not fun. This makes eating a chore and this can become a real problem in Children and getting them to eat. By realigning the teeth with a brace, teeth will shift into the correct place, making chewing and eating comfortable but more importantly, enjoyable.

If you suffer with any of the above, it’s worth having a chat with your dentist about your options. Orthodontics are now so advanced that they are not just used to fix crooked smiles. You would be surprised what can be done!

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