Oral Health and Your Skin – How Are They Linked?

Can your oral health really affect your skin?

If you think that your oral health has nothing to do with the appearance of your skin, you’re wrong. Just like every other area of our body, everything is linked. Skin can make us or break us. It can make us feel super confident, or super self conscious, sometimes with no in between. The majority of people will at some point have struggled with the appearance of their skin.  Today on the blog, we’re looking at how your oral health may be the cause of your skin woes.skin, affects, oral health

The Connection Between Oral Health and your Skin

Exactly how are they linked? Well there is a connection between oral health and your skin. Recent studies have shown that the bad bacteria from an abscessed (infected) tooth or gum disease can get onto your face and cause skin irritation and breakouts. This usually takes place in the form of acne (pimples) or cystic acne (acne that develops under the skin). While not every case of acne is caused by poor dental health, it is something to consider if you have been having problems with your teeth or gums.

Those who have had extensive dental surgery may also notice an increase in breakouts along the jaw line or close to the ears. Breakouts that appear near your lips may be a result of using an unhygienic or old make up product, but may also be caused by cavities or gingivitis.

A good oral health care routine can make the difference.

If you think that your skin problems are being caused by your oral health, it’s time to rethink your oral health routine. How often are you brushing? Are you brushing well? Do you clean your tongue, too? When was the last time you flossed? Amp up the at home dental care. And don’t skip out on your check-ups either.

skin, affects, oral health

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you are experiencing breakouts, it may not be because of your teeth and gums, but it wouldn’t hurt to get a check up, just to be sure. A lot of the time, we don’t know we have problems with our teeth and gums because we feel no pain. Arrange a check up with your dentist and if everything is good, then you can rule out your oral health as the cause!

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