Shocking report says that 1 in 10 children leave school without knowing how to brush their teeth!

A shocking report was published recently by Tic Watches. Amongst its findings it revealed that 1 in 10 primary school children in England are unable to brush their own teeth properly. You can read the full report here.

Boys are better than girls!

little girl brushing her teeth

Another shocking fact in the report was that girls are less likely to know how to brush their teeth than boys. A massive 15% of girls couldn’t brush their teeth properly compared to just 4% of boys. In Scotland and Wales there are good initiatives for teaching basic skills. These skills include teaching children basic oral hygiene. Why are we not doing the same in England?

What can we do as parents?

mum showing little girl how to brush teeth

It is up to us as parents to teach our children how to brush their teeth properly. We should make it a fun experience. Brush your teeth with your child and make it into a game. If it is fun then they are going to really enjoy their time with you. Show them how to brush all parts of their teeth – front, back, top, and then how to gently brush their gum-line.

What products should they use?

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There are many dental products designed for especially for children. Click the link above to go to our online shop. Here you can choose from all types of toothbrushes and toothpastes. You can even buy them a Star Wars or Disney Princess toothbrush!

Take them to the dentist early

child having fun at dentist

Take your child to the dentist as early as possible. This will help them get used to the smells and noises. You can search on to find a child-friendly dentist near you.

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