Smile Your Way Into A New Job

Looking for a new job? Look at your smile first.

Studies have shown that you can smile your way into a new job whether it be with a new company, or as a promotion.

When it comes to preparing for an interview, we instantly think about preparing for tough questions, selling ourselves or what we’re going to wear. But we should really give more thought to our smiles.

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but a smile can reveal so much more about a person and their personality.

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Preparing for a job interview

Most people go in to a job interview, nervous, panicking and praying that they can say the right thing in the right order to prove their worth and their ability to succeed in the role. Often, interviews can turn us very serious and we forget to smile. However, if you smile in an interview, the interviewer is likely to perceive you as warm and welcoming. On top of that, if you smile at someone first, they are much more likely to smile back. This will make you feel more relaxed and at ease. Hopefully, this will allow you to perform better in the interview.

Top Tips for Interview Ready Smiles

Therefore, you should spend as much time preparing your smile as you do preparing your interview outfit. That means brushing and flossing and eliminating all traces of possible bad breath.  Avoid eating and drinking strong smelling foods and drinks prior to your interview- this means coffee, onions, garlic, fizzy juices etc.

Keep some chewing gum handy for before your interview, but you must make sure to get rid of it before the questioning begins. Nobody wants to sit across from someone who is chewing their way through the answers!

new job teeth, smile your way into a new job, job interview, smiling

Confidence is Key

We hope that you wouldn’t turn up to an interview looking scruffy and unprepared.  So please don’t neglect your smile either! You could be a fantastic candidate with all the right skills and the right personality for the job. Letting yourself down by giving minimal thought to your oral health pre-interview is a bad idea!

We don’t doubt that you would feel more confident in an interview if you knew that your smile was beaming and your breath was super fresh. Dazzle the company with not only your impressive skills and knowledge, but also with your smile. And you never know, the job you so badly want could be yours!

Smile your way to success

If you know you’ve got an interview coming up and your mouth isn’t feeling fresh, it could be an idea to visit the dentist. Check-up appointments only take around 20 minutes and allow your dentist to give you the right treatment and advice for your needs.

If you’re not registered with a dentist, you can find a dentist in your area at . You truly can smile your way to success in an interview!

If you’ve got an interview coming up soon, –good Luck from all of the team at Defacto Dentists!