UK Teeth are Better Than America’s

uk teeth trump americas

Survey shows that UK dental health trumps that of America.

A survey of 12 countries commissioned by the FDI World Dental Federation shows that UK teeth are much better taken care of than American teeth.

uk teeth trump americas

That being said the British are lagging behind Brazilians, Mexicans, South Africans and Poles. The YouGov poll tallied in 130,000 people across the 12 countries. In the survey more than half of Britons said that they tried to avoid eating large amounts of sugar, compared with 40 per cent in the US. Also, two thirds of UK people surveyed claimed they brushed their teeth twice a day. A lot more than the 51% from across the Atlantic. The same amount saw the dentist every year and 78% of UK teeth should be safe from gingivitis as that amount recognised bleeding gums as a red flag.

Based on the survey, the UK ranks 3rd on awareness on the steps to ensure good oral health.

uk teeth trump americas

Which is just behind Canada and New Zealand. But, we only rank 6th when it comes to taking action. Dental myths seemed to be an issue as well. While Americans were shown to be more susceptible to incorrect information, like brushing after meals and rinsing after brushing, UK teeth should be a little safer.

Dentists recommend waiting at least half an hour after eating before brushing, to avoid damaging enamel and its not recommended that you don’t rinse your mouth after brushing. This removes the fluoride from your teeth that your toothpaste puts on. Thankfully only 30% of UK people said they brushed their teeth straight after a meal and just 37% of us washed our mouths out with water after brushing.

While UK teeth may be beating America in this survey, the percentages themselves aren’t what they should be. Chair of the BDA, Mick Armstrong, said:

uk teeth trump americas

“Brits might not be living up to the Austin Powers stereotype, but there really is no room for complacency when it comes to oral health. The public seem to know the risks, but don’t seem to be changing their behaviour. Without a step change in attitudes a preventable disease will continue to blight the lives of millions and put huge pressure on our NHS. Your teeth and gums can’t be an afterthought. We need the public to take ownership of their oral health, and for the authorities to really start hammering these messages home.”

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