What is cosmetic composite bonding?


do you have Chipped or uneven teeth?

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Have you noticed that the term ‘cosmetic bonding’ has become a bit of a dental buzzword(s) these days?

Cosmetic bonding is a relatively simple procedure that produces very effective results. This  is why it has become so popular. Dentists place composite, a filling material, on areas of the teeth that require tweaks to create a perfect appearance. They will then mould and file the material into the desired shape and polish it for a flawless result that perfectly matches the rest of the tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry

Composite can be used to build chipped or worn teeth back up. This will create a more uniform shape. Do you dislike the shape of your teeth? Cosmetic bonding can be used to create something more aesthetically pleasing. This helps to create a more harmonious appearance. It is a great technique for making tweaks and adjustments. You would have previously had to undergo dental veneer treatment.

Cosmetic bonding is a treatment that is becoming more favoured by dental practitioners thanks to its minimally invasive approach. The procedure requires no removal of any tooth structure. This means that no damage is caused to the natural teeth. Cosmetic bonding is used in conjunction with other treatments. It can be orthodontics to align the teeth and whitening to achieve a brighter smile. Dentists will usually follow the ‘align, bleach and bond’ approach, using cosmetic bonding as the final step to really perfect the smile.

what is Composite bonding?

Composite bonding helps to create the more natural-looking smile that patients now crave. It is also more cost effective thanks to being less invasive.

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When looking for a dental practitioner to carry out cosmetic work, it is advisable to seek one with a high level of experience. Ask to see before and after pictures of real patients in order to feel confident in the treatment you are going to receive. While cosmetic bonding is more cost effective than dental veneers, as with anything, you pay for what you get!

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