Why Do We Fear The Dentist?

Dental Fear is more common than you think.

We’ve looked at Dental Fear and Phobia here before on the Defacto Dentists blog but today, we thought we’d take a look at some of the most common reasons why people are scared of visiting the dentist.


We don’t understand the Jargon.

Ever been to the dentist and your dentist and the dental nurse start rhyming off a lot of long technical terms that you don’t understand? Maybe they’ve started calling out a lot of numbers while you’re sitting in the chair with your mouth wide open?

One of the main reasons that causes people to dislike attending the dentist is because they don’t understand what is going on. Fear of the unknown exists in everyone so this is a completely natural reaction to have, especially when someone is fiddling around in your mouth with mirrors and scrapers.


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Our parents were scared of the dentist.

If a child sees that their parent is scared of something, it is likely that the child will inherit the same fear. A child sees their parents as someone they can trust and if their parent reacts badly to treatment , complains about pain or worries about the dentist, the child will anticipate the same problems and lose trust in the dentist.


We’ve had bad experiences before.

If you’ve ever needed invasive treatment at the dentist, it’s likely that you’ve felt a little pain. Bear in mind that everyone has different pain thresholds and everyone reacts differently to pain. One bad experience can completely put patients off of visiting the dentist! It is crucial that we remember that dental treatments and technologies are continuously developing and advancing in order to prevent pain as much as possible.


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We’ve not been to the dentist in a while and we’re scared of going back.

Missing a few appointments at the dentist can cause us to fear going back. We fear that our dentists will be disappointed and criticise us for not having our regular check-ups. Remember that dentists are there to provide you with treatment and care. They are not there to give you into trouble. While they may reprimand you about the importance of visiting the dentist, they won’t give you a hard time!

If you are particularly scared of the dentist, we can help you overcome your fear. On DefactoDentists.com, we have many dental practices that specialise in dealing with patients who have dental phobia or dental anxiety. Sedation and hypnotherapy are just two of the options available to nervous patients.


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To find a dentist who specialises with nervous patients, head to our website and search your location. Then, from the checklist on the left select ‘dental anxiety’ and browse your options! Look through the practice options, read reviews from other patients and see what treatment types are on offer! Finding your perfect dentist has never been so easy.

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