The ADG considers the impact of Brexit

ADG considers Brexit

The Association of Dental Groups (ADG) focuses on representing corporates and groups.

They also ensure that a high standard of patient care is maintained at all times. But, right now, they are questioning the potential impact of Brexit.

The potential outcomes of Brexit have been discussed at length on the news, in magazines and, we’re sure, throughout offices in the UK and abroad. However, the topic of dentistry hasn’t been focused on solely. That’s what the ADG aims to do.

ADG considers Brexit

A white paper on Brexit hasn’t surfaced yet. Therefore, the true outlines of the plan for Brexit are yet to be revealed. Unfortunately leaving healthcare and other industries guessing about their future.

In a recent article, Steve Williams, Clinical Services Director at {my}dentist (which is a member of the ADG) explored the potential implications that might occur as a result of the referendum outcome.

“Essentially, there are two major aspects where a hard Brexit might cause significant issues,”

Steve continues:

“Firstly, dentistry is one of the areas of NHS care that is most heavily dependent on EU trained professionals. It will be vital to ensure that Brexit does not undermine our ability to provide NHS dental care by inadvertently disrupting the supply of dentists in the UK.

ADG considers Brexit

“The second area is costs – specifically of raw materials and equipment – which have already been hit by the impact of the fall in value of the pound and the full impact of that has still to emerge.”

Naturally, there are a lot of variables on both issues. So it is important to keep up to date with the latest information released by the government. As well as ensuring that Ministers and Parliamentarians are fully aware of the implications for dentistry.

The ADG is already ensuring that this is being done. They will continue to regard the outcome of Brexit on UK dentistry as a key item on the agenda until the position is clarified and looks more stable.

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