Coca-cola, Christmas & Kid’s Teeth!

christmas, coca-cola, coke, soft drinks, festive, dentist, fury, NHS

The holidays are coming the holidays are coming!

If you didn’t sing along to that in your head, you probably haven’t seen the iconic advert yet. That, or you’re a massive scrooge!

The Coca-cola advert has been on our screens for year as the festive period begins.  The ever famous Coca-cola truck is gearing up for its annual tour around the shopping centres and supermarket car-parks of the UK. Christmas is well and truly in, coca-cola, coke, soft drinks, festive, dentist, fury, NHS

Under fire from dentists.

Unsurprisingly, Coca-cola has come under fire. Dentists were the first to call out Coca-cola as they believe that the heavy promotional activity from the soft drinks giant is one of the main reasons for the extremely high level of tooth decay in children. And, they might just have a point.

Tooth decay is the number one reason for children being admitted to hospital in the UK. More than broken bones, kidney infections and appendicitis put together. Now 75% of children under 5 years old in England have decay in 3 or more teeth. Some truly horrifying statistics.

Alongside British dentists, the NHS’s public health boss is also urging local councils and shopping centres to ban visits from Coca-Cola’s promotional Christmas trucks because of sugar’s key role in rotting children’s teeth and making them fat.

christmas, coca-cola, coke, soft drinks, festive, dentist, fury, NHS

More than just sugar…

We’ve all heard about the amount of sugar in Coca-Cola, but it’s not just the sugar we should be worrying about.

The pH of Coca-Cola measures just ONE notch above the acidity of battery acid. It is so acidic that Police in America has also been known to use Coca-cola to clean the pavements and roads after shootings and stabbings to wash away the blood. And we’re drinking this stuff on the daily?

Moderation is Key!

The enamel on kid’s teeth is only half as strong as the enamel on adult’s teeth, so it is definitely more harmful to little ones to be guzzling down this sweet, fizzy drink. It definitely tastes good and is so readily available that we don’t think twice before buying it, cracking open a can, mixing it with alcohol or ordering it in a restaurant.

christmas, coca-cola, coke, soft drinks, festive, dentist, fury, NHS

Is everything just becoming a bit too serious?

Many people have refuted the dentists’ claims, accusing them of taking the fun out of everything. However, the dentists are just trying to keep kids out of the chair and promote good dental health. Parents on social media are arguing that taking their children to see the truck is a Christmas tradition. Something that has been done through different generations. The Coca-Cola Christmas advert is truly iconic. Some people believe that ‘it’s not Christmas until the Coca-Cola advert is on TV’.

What do you think?

Here at Defacto, we believe that everything in moderation is fine. Taking your kids to see the truck is a fun activity for all of the family. Just ensuring that sugary drinks Coca-Cola or otherwise are not over-consumed by kids AND adults. As long as we’re brushing and flossing and making regular visits to the dentist, your teeth should be just fine!

What’s your opinion? Let us know in the comments!

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