The Dangers of at Home Whitening

Everyone wants to have a bright white smile and while most dentists offer teeth whitening at their practices, patients often do to try and get the same results from the comfort of their own home. From using at home whitening kits, to using harsh abrasive concoctions, it is certain that people will try just about anything to get their much desired white smile.

We wanted to let you know of some of the potential dangers of at home whitening.

There are many home kits available from local drugstores and pharmacies but their effectiveness varies from product to product. Home kits can also carry certain risks such as increased sensitivity of teeth or even blistering of the gums. Generally, home teeth whitening kits don’t contain enough of the whitening solution to have any noticeable effect. This is because only a dentist is legally allowed to use larger volumes of whitening gels and liquids. The most common at home whitening solutions come in the forms of whitening strips/tape and gels worn inside retainers.

Many people also use kitchen cupboard staples in order to try and whiten their teeth.

Not only is this ineffective, it can also severely damage the surface of teeth causing further problems with lasting consequences. The YouTube trend of mixing baking soda with acidic liquids including vinegar, lemon juice or even mashed strawberries and then brushing the mixture on your teeth is not a safe way to whiten teeth. Although it is cheaper than visiting the dentist or an at home whitening kit, the chemical reaction between the baking soda and acidic liquids mixed with harsh brushing can cause the tooth’s enamel to wear away at an alarming rate.

More recently on social media, many new ways of teeth whitening have surfaced.

Teeth whitening brands have teamed up with popular Instagram influencers to promote oil pulling with coconut oils, LED lights for whitening, brushing with activated charcoal powder and even use of teeth whitening pens. While it cannot be determined whether or not these influencers are actually using these whitening products, their wide audience reach can tempt unsuspecting followers to trust in the product and but it. Again, it is hard to tell whether or not these products are safe to use and if they are effective.

Bluntly, your teeth will never be brilliant white.

They will gradually lighten in colour to a shade that suits you. The most effective way to whiten your teeth at home is to use a whitening tooth paste that will aid in removing stains from the teeth. Regular visits to the dentist and hygienist and staying away from foods and drinks that can discolour teeth will also help your teeth to look whiter too.

Ultimately, effective and lasting teeth whitening can only be achieved by visiting a dentist for professional treatment and prolonged by a consistent aftercare routine. A dentist will always use completely safe products and methods when whitening your teeth, giving you the best possible results.

If teeth whitening is something you are considering, we can help you to get safe and effective treatment! Head over to our website, search for your location and choose teeth whitening from the menu on the left hand side. Have a read through the practice reviews and pick the best dentist for you.

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