How often do you look for reviews?

Whether it’s a restaurant, a holiday or a salon, we guarantee that you look for them.  After all, who is more honest than other customers?

Would you take the risk buy something with no reviews or negative reviews? Maybe. Would you take the risk and visit a dental practice with no reviews or negative reviews? Absolutely not!

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Dental Practice Reviews

Defacto Dentists is the UK’s number one dental listings website. We offer patients the chance to review their appointments. Why? To help other patients find their perfect dentist. We believe that everyone should have their perfect dentist, so they can achieve the smile they really want.

How can your practice benefit from reviews?

But it’s not just to help patients. It can help practices too. Every practice would benefit from reviews. More and more prospective patients are seeking out reviews for practices before choosing a dentist. Patients want to know they’re going to be in safe hands and therefore read the reviews from other patients to decide if that practice is the one for them. The more positive reviews you have, the more patients you’ll get.

dental practice reviews, dental reviews, dentistry, dental care, practice reviews

Defacto Reviews

By having a listing on Defacto Dentists, you can ask patients to leave you a review. These reviews, if they’re positive, will attract more patients to your practice. It’s really that simple. Just one good review could entice a handful of new patients to register with your practice.

What’s more is that a regular listing on Defacto Dentists is completely free, making us one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions for your practice. If you would like to find out more about becoming registered on Defacto Dentists, you can do so here. After registering, why not post your Defacto Dentists link on your social media pages? Ask patients for honest reviews and see a new flow of patients to your practice.

Finding a dentist near you

If you’re a patient and would like to read reviews of practices in your area to help you pick a new dentist, all you have to do is visit Then, search your town. You can narrow your search by using the checklist on the left if you’d like! Then browse the practices and read what existing patients have to say. If you see one you like, use the contact information on their Defacto Dentists page to get in touch and make an appointment.