Patients Are Suffering From Dental Care Drought

Patients are going without vital dental appointments.


This morning it was announced that almost 50% of dental practices in the UK are not accepting new adult patients while 40% are not accepting new child patients!

Shocking Statistics

BBC news have recently conducted a survey which showed that out of 7000 dental practice in England, only 2500 of them sharing if they were taking on new patients. In the last year, 21 million adults in the UK did not make a visit to the dentist. That’s the equivalent to the population of Beijing! A shocking statistic that is set to rise if dental practices won’t take on new patients.


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Children’s Oral Health is Suffering Too

In addition to adults missing appointments, just over 5 million children did not see a dentist in the last year. This is more shocking because Children have free access to dental care on the NHS up until they turn 18! However, recent studies show that one in four parents do now know that their child is eligible for NHS dental care.

Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, Chair of General Dental Practice at theBDA stated that dentists are simply not permitted to see more patients. This is a result of our government not commissioning enough dentists to treat the population. Overgaard-Nielsen hailed this situation as a ‘disaster’ and a ‘crisis’. (Source: BBC News)

In just over a decade, 4000 more practices in the UK have opened their doors to NHS patients. Therefore, we must question why so many practices are not able to take on new patients. The majority of people only require their bi-annual check-up. One 20 minute long appointment every 6 months. Surely practices could



NHS, government, BBC, dentistry, patients, dental treatment,


Nobody should have to go without dental care!

No matter if you’re looking for a simple check-up or require more in-depth and challenging treatments, you should be able to have access to a dentist in your area. This problem is so severe that some people have resorted to performing ‘at home’ dentistry because they can’t get access to a practice. Check out this article where some people are going as far as pulling out their own teeth – trust me, it is as gruesome as it sounds!



NHS, government, BBC, dentistry, patients, dental treatment,

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