Dentists Warn Parents Over ‘Halloween Horror’

dentists warn over halloween horror

We all know that during the night of Halloween kids will be hitting the streets looking for sugary treats.

However, dentists have warned against the dangers of overloading children with sweets on Halloween.

dentists warn over halloween horror

It’s hard not to just go for the easiest option when providing trick or treaters with their reward. They want sweets and it’s easier for you to buy. But, the confectionary you hand out to congratulate kids on their costumes could have a huge impact on their teeth.

Its already been spoken about frequently how poor children’s dental health is currently. 40% of children in the UK don’t attend the dentist and dental hygiene has plummeted so much that nurseries are taking action with dental education. Tooth decay in young children has risen by 66% since 2011 and being lax on Halloween isn’t going to help that figure.

However, Halloween is one night of the year and dentists have assured the public that they don’t want to spoil everyones fun. They just want steps and precautions to be taken to assure children stay healthy.

dentists warn over halloween horror

The Royal College of Surgeons has issued tips to ensure your children’s teeth don’t suffer this Halloween.

• If children are given sweets on Halloween they shouldn’t eat them straightaway. Save them to have with a meal at home to reduce the impact on their teeth.

• If trick-or-treaters visit you over Halloween, consider giving out alternative treats to sweets such as stickers or balloons.

• Limit the number of sweets you give out to each child. Think about only giving one or two rather than a whole bag.

• If the child is thirsty, make sure they don’t have sugary drinks. Water is better.

• Even though they may be tired, make sure children brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste before going to bed.

Professor Nigel Hunt of The Royal College of Surgeons spoke about the issue. He said:

“Celebrating Halloween by trick-or-treating has become very popular in the UK in recent years.”

dentists warn over halloween horror

“As a parent myself, I know the delight children take in donning fancy dress and visiting the neighbours to collect as many sweet treats as they can carry.”

“Unfortunately, those sweet treats can be a Halloween horror for kids’ teeth, sugar is one of the biggest culprits for nasty tooth decay.”

With 25% of three to five year olds suffering from tooth decay its not hard to see why dentists are warning parents this Halloween. Should you be on the market for a new family dentist we suggest Town Hall Dental, Hannigan Dental Care or one of the many others on our listing website.

However, we want to know your thoughts. Do you agree with these steps? Or do you think dentists are worrying too much over one night out of the year?

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