Electric Toothbrush Poll Results!

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Manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush?

Which one is favoured by the public? Which one do you use? These are the questions we asked ourselves regarding people’s habits with brushing their teeth. So we conducted a survey!

We started off by asking people if they have ever bought an electric toothbrush and received the results that about 75% own one meaning 25% not. This is a positive outcome that we didn’t expect. It means that the vast majority of the respondents own or use an electric toothbrush.
The second question was about the manufacturer of the electric toothbrushes. Oral B is the winner with an overwhelming majority of 66.67%, followed by Philips with 23.33%. Other manufacturers and Colgate only received a popularity about 3-6%. None of the respondents owns a Wisdom electric toothbrush.

electric toothbrush poll results

“Was it bought within the last 12 months?”

This is our third question and around 25% said yes. In our opinion this is a really interesting result, because we can assume that the population of people with an electric toothbrush has got a steady rise of about 25% each year. Looking to the future we can hope for more people choosing to own an electric toothbrush.

“How often do you use your electric toothbrush?”

This is probably the most interesting question with the most surprising result. Only the half of the respondents are using an electric toothbrush twice a day, around 11% are brushing with it once a day and 3% three times a day. The missing 30% of respondents don’t use the electric toothbrush, instead “it sits in a cupboard”. This is a frightening result, which shows that a third isn’t convinced by these toothbrushes or of the effects. At this point we have to ask for the reasons why they invest so much money to own an electric toothbrush and don’t use it anymore. One reason could be that they are disappointed about the results of the electronic toothbrush or don’t feel that the teeth get cleaned.

Furthermore we could also guess that some people don’t like the sound of electric toothbrushes. It might disrupt the quiet in the evening or sound loud and annoying in the morning. So why would people opt for a manual one? A manual toothbrush is so much more manageable and easier to take with you for holiday or a business trip. Maybe it’s one of the reasons why you would choose the simple manual toothbrush.Let’s focus on the last question and another side issue concerning electric toothbrushes.

electric toothbrush poll results

“Where do you buy replacement heads for your electric toothbrush?”

Astonishingly enough we have got a balanced result: Around 31 % go to a chemist to buy their electric toothbrush heads, 33 % prefer the chain store and the majority buy it online. This is an interesting result. This shows that the internet is becoming a regular option for shopping for essentials. We expect this to grow alongside the amount of people opting for electric over manual. Especially with wireless toothbrushes now being a thing!

Another important thing we have to mention is the audience we choose.

The survey was disseminated on our sector-specific Facebook page “Defacto Dentists” and the page of “DentaltownUK”. This means the pages are probably read by interested parties, dentists, nurses or medical technical assistants. This audience is familiar with this topic and know a thing or two about it, so they are informed about the advantages of electric toothbrushes. We can assume that a survey wit h an unbiased audience would give other answers and results. We think it may even be the other way around: 25% owning an electric toothbrush and the majority don’t have one or don’t know a lot about it.

What are your thoughts on electric toothbrushes? Do you use one regularly or do you prefer manual? All comments are welcome down below!

Author: Sophie Hollaender

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