Five Reasons to Whiten Teeth

In recent years, inspired by celebrities and influencers, the general public has been choosing more and more to whiten teeth.

Whether you’ve thought about going to the dentist for professional whitening treatment or considered trying the newest Instagram teeth whitening craze, it’s something we’ve definitely all considered. We had a look at the five main reasons whiten teeth.

5 reasons to whiten teeth

Before a special event.

On special occasions when everyone is snapping away with their cameras its natural to want to have a beautiful white smile. Weddings, proms, holidays, you name it, everyone wants to have memories in the form of photographs. A bride-to-be or a high school or university graduate are among the most likely to whiten teeth.

To treat a tooth that has discoloured due to trauma.

In some cases, teeth may have discoloured due to nerve damage or trauma. The discolouration of a damaged tooth usually occurs 2-3 weeks after it is damaged. A dentist can help restore, or at least lighten the colour of the damaged tooth. As this is not necessarily a cosmetic procedure, this treatment can potentially be done on the NHS.

To maintain a youthful look

Nothing quite says ‘youthful’ like a bright white smile. As people age, their teeth do too. Ageing teeth go darker and slightly yellow in colour, leaving many older people feeling self-conscious about their smile. Many older people are now opting for whitening treatments as this allows them to feel younger and more confident in themselves!
To reverse years of staining due to bad habits.

5 reasons to whiten teeth

Smoking, red wine, coffee and tea are the biggest culprits of causing stains on teeth. They all contain chemicals called Chromogens. Chromogens from certain foods and drinks attach themselves to the enamel of the tooth and can cause discolouration and harsh staining. Years of smoking and drinking dark liquids can have a lasting staining effect on teeth and this damage will eventually become irreparable without the help of a dentist.

To encourage better oral hygiene.

Patients who invest in their smile are more likely to have better oral hygiene. If a patient is willing to spend money on a cosmetic procedure such as teeth whitening, they are more likely to maintain a routine of brushing twice daily, flossing and regularly visiting the dentist and hygienist in order to prolong the results. As a result, these patients are less likely to encounter dental problems such as gum disease due to their regimented care routine.

5 reasons to whiten teeth

Regardless of your reasons for wanting a bright white smile, we have a dentist that can help you achieve it. Head over to our website, enter your location and select ‘teeth whitening’ from menu on the left to find a dentist suitable for you.

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