Getting married? Don’t forget these 5 important things!

Weddings are listed in the top 10 most stressful events in a person’s life.

It’s no wonder people get a little forgetful on the lead up to their wedding day…

There’s so much to think about for your wedding day. Flowers, cakes, dress, suits and guests and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The average UK wedding can cost upwards of £25K, which is stressful enough! In between all the obvious things you need to remember or pay for, there are little things that may slip through the cracks.

5 things wedding day

So what are the five things that people forget to do before their wedding day? We’re sure there are more than just the five we have, but it’ll do good to remember these ones…

Something for the kids to do.

If you’re having children attending on your wedding day, you may forget that your wedding isn’t that exciting for them. Kids get bored and when they get bored, they get mischievous. The last thing you want on your big day is an unhappy child screaming and crying. Make sure, at the reception at least, the children have something fun to do. Bring some games and toys or set up an area that allows them to play with each other. This will keep them entertained!

Schedule for the speeches.

We’ve all been to a wedding where the speeches just feel never-ending! Yes they are heartfelt and touching. However, sometimes they just go on for too long. Find out who will be making speeches and allow them an amount of time to do it in. Nobody wants endless rambling and restless guests. This will mean everything goes smoothly, don’t be too rigid though! Wiggle room is key!

5 things wedding day

Someone to help take gifts home after the reception.

Whether you’re staying in a hotel, leaving the reception to go on your honeymoon or going home after, someone will need to give you a hand with your presents. It’s still common for guests to bring their gifts to the wedding. How are you going to get them all home yourself after all is said and done? You’ll need to arrange for a kind soul (or two!) to be ready to help you take it all home after your wedding day.

Legal documents.

Your may surprised to hear that a lot of people forget their legal documents on the big day! If you don’t have your legal documents you cannot legally marry. So forgetting them could mean opting for a commitment ceremony instead, and then making it official at a later date. This is absolutely not ideal. Make sure everything is in order and present ahead of your wedding day!

5 things wedding day

Dental treatment.

It’s become incredibly common for couples, as well at the bride’s and the groom’s parties to opt for some treatment. Nobody wants to look bad for those photos! However, people make the mistake of going for last minute teeth whitening just before the big day. Not knowing that it could result in them needing a lot more work done before they are even able to get the whitening treatment. For example, if you suffer from dental problems like gum disease, you wont be able to be treated until the problem is resolved. Straightening treatments take a while to achieve the finished results too! So it’s best, that if you’re thinking about dental treatment to get started well in advance!

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We hope that getting hitched will go off without at a hitch, but make sure you’ve got an extensive list at hand! The last thing you need is to be forgetting things…

5 things wedding day

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