Can You Guess the Most Popular Gifts for Dentists?

gifts for dentists

It may be news to you that patients even buy gifts for dentists. But, they do and the top choices of gift may be a little surprising.

Despite all their work against cavities and other dental demons, patients buy gifts for dentists that go against their purpose. Chocolates have come out on top as the most likely gift a dentist will receive.

gifts for dentists

87% of the dentists surveyed said chocolate was what they received as a gift. Alcohol came in second. A pig’s head, a pheasant and homemade Christmas decorations were the more unusual gifts mentioned in the Dental Defence Union (DDU) survey.

Around the seasonal holidays and events like Christmas and Halloween, we usually see dentists warning us over sugar content in drinks and sweets. With traditional Christmas cakes and mince pies being laden with dried fruit, it’s not uncommon for dentists to warn against sugar content of holiday treats. The same goes for your the gingerbread latte you might love or the extra alcohol you’re going to drink. Who’d have thought they receive them in abundance!

gifts for dentists

Dentists work hard during the year to ensure that out oral health is in its best condition. 77% of the dentists who took park in the survey believe that the gifts they receive are a thank you for the attention they provide throughout the year.

DDU dento-legal adviser, David Lauder, said:

“Of those dental professionals, 98% said they had no concerns about their patient’s motives in gift giving.

“However, in the DDU’s experience of providing dento-legal advice to members, accepting gifts from patients can occasionally present ethical issues.

“Difficulties can arise when the patient’s motive for gift giving might be unclear or misconstrued, or when the gift is expensive.

“General Dental Council guidance states that dental professionals must refuse any gifts, payment or hospitality if accepting them could affect, or could appear to affect, their professional judgment.

gifts for dentists

“It may be advisable to ensure the patient understands their dental care would not be affected in any way by the gift.

“You may sometimes want to keep a record of these conversations, any correspondence, and the reasons for accepting the gift, if you did so.”

Whether you’re surprised at patients getting gifts for dentists or not, or even if you’re a dentist yourself, we’d love to know about the strangest gift you’ve been given. Let us know!

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