Giving a New Life to Your Old Toothbrush

give your toothbrush a new life

Your toothbrush is dispensible. You use it and throw it away, but how could you take that old toothbrush and give it a new life?

We are told we should change our toothbrush every three months. Going by this logic by the time somebody is 30 they will have already binned around 120 toothbrushes. That’s a lot of waste.

give your toothbrush a new life

Yes your toothbrushes main job is to clean teeth but there are many things that toothbrushes could do for you out with that one job. A survey completed by the Oral Health Foundation last year highlighted some clever ideas for reusing our old brushes. It also showed that a surprising 80% of us find a new use for an old brush! So, if you’re still stuck for what to do, hopefully this will give you a few ideas.

What can you do?

1. A Nail Brush- Use your old toothbrush to remove dirt under your nails it in seconds! Someone even admitted to keeping their toothbrush on them just incase they needed it while on the go!

2. Clean your bike chain- A surprising number of people told the Oral Health Foundation they use their old toothbrush to clean the chain on their bicycle. Apparently, it is the perfect size to get into those little places.

3. Toilet Cleaner- Some toothbrushes are never destined to leave the bathroom. By far the most popular use of an old toothbrush is to help clean those hard to reach places in the bathroom, and it certainly comes in handy for scrubbing the grout between the tiles.

4. Polish Your Jewellery- Clean up your old toothbrush and it’s a perfect way to give your jewellery back its sparkle!

give your toothbrush a new life

Pets can benefit too!

5. Clean Your Fish Tank – This may not have been one of the most popular but was definitely one of the more unusual uses. A few people told the foundation they use an old toothbrush to clean ornaments in their fish tank, as they need a clean home too!

6. Pamper Your Pets – One from the foundation team here, they think this may just be tickly torture but apparently, toothbrushes perfect for cleaning a dog’s nails and paws.

7. Keep Your Lips Smooth- Many people use a toothbrush to exfoliate their lips when they are chapped. It buffs off the dead skin and leaves the lip completely smooth!

8. Highlight Your Hair – One for the home hairdressers, a toothbrush is perfect for picking out your highlights, so if you’re in the salon and see a toothbrush on the counter don’t be alarmed.

give your toothbrush a new life

9. Cleaning Your Keyboard – Take a close look at your computer keyboard. Did you know that your keyboard has been proven to harbour more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat? A toothbrush is perfect for cleaning out all those germs.

Will you be using any of these tips for your old toothbrush? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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