Kelly Osborne Suffers from Dentophobia!

Dentophobia, the fear of visiting dentists and receiving dental treatment is not uncommon.

In fact, you probably know someone who isn’t hugely fond of visiting the dentist.

kelly osborne dentophobia

Dentophobia can manifest itself in anyone. There are many celebrities who are just as scared of sitting in the dentist’s chair! Kelly Osbourne, TV presenter, fashion critic, designer and child of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, suffers badly from Dentophobia. Kelly is no stranger to taking to her social media accounts to voice her fear of going to the dentist and her dentist surgery experiences.

On her Twitter account she wrote:
“I have to go get my filling today and the fear is really really kicking in. I need to get over this fear of the dentist but I can’t!”

In 2013, Kelly also suffered from a seizure while filming for TV which left her needing dental work on her chipped teeth.

Again, she took to Twitter to share her experience:
”I had so many injections I can’t feel my face it’s completely numb!”

Miss Osbourne has always feared the dentist ever since her childhood and now aged 32, she still struggles to pluck up the courage to attend her appointments.

kelly osborne dentophobia

Kelly isn’t alone in her fears about going to the dentist!

One in four people in the UK suffer from dental anxiety and it can develop at any age.

Dentophobia can be triggered by the smallest of things such as the smell and appearance of the dental surgery but many people’s dental anxiety stems from previous bad experiences at the dentist. Others may have underlying phobias such as agliophobia (the fear of experiencing pain) or trypanophobia (the fear of needles) which may cause them to experience dental anxiety.

While going to the dentist isn’t always great fun, regular check-ups and treatments are crucial to maintain healthy teeth, gums and can even help to identify any underlying health problems.

kelly osborne dentophobia

Nowadays, dentists have the knowledge, techniques and facilities to allow them to treat and cater to patients who find visits to the dentist’s surgery particularly difficult.
Hypnotherapy, meditation and gentle dentistry are just a few of the methods that can be implemented during an appointment to relax patients and make them comfortable while at the dentist.

Regardless of the intensity of your fear, there is help available to you. On our website, we have listings of several dental clinics around the UK that are specifically targeted at those who suffer from dental anxiety. Simply search your location here and tick the dental anxiety checkbox under ‘I’m Looking For’ at the left hand side to find the closest one to you!

Author – Leigh McLintock

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