Love Island Stars Promoting Teeth Whitening Products – Is This A Problem?

Did you watch Love Island this year?

Whether you love it, or you love to hate it, Love Island has been pretty unavoidable. It’s all over social media even after it’s finished. It was on the radio the morning after, and everyone in the office was talking about it. You might be a massive fan and never miss an episode, or you might find out what happened from everyone else.

Here at Defacto, some of us are massive fans of Love Island, others would rather scoop their eyeballs out with spoons than sit through an episode. But we can all agree that the stars of the show can become problematic once they leave the villa for good – when the brand deals begin.


Let’s talk teeth whitening…

Would you buy a car from someone who knew nothing about cars? Are you brave enough to get a haircut from someone that isn’t a hair dresser? Would you buy swimming lessons for your child from someone who can’t actually swim themselves? Probably not.  So why would you buy teeth whitening products from someone who knows nothing about teeth whitening?

Ahh, yes. The age old problem of reality TV stars (who get professional whitening from dentists!!!) punting at home teeth-whitening products on Instagram, that don’t actually have any lasting effect, to unsuspecting members of the public. Host of Love Island, Caroline Flack already hit back at ex contestants earlier this summer for promoting teeth whitening brands on Instagram, and we have to say, we’re on her side! Go Caroline!

love island, love island teeth whitening

The ever controversial Muggy Mike even took to Instagram to show off his brand new sparkling white veneers he got from a dentist in Turkey – a country that is known for cheap cosmetic dental work. We love a bright white smile as much as the next person, but we’re pretty sure you could see his teeth from space.

love island, love island teeth whitening

The dangers of at home teeth whitening.

You might think that ‘they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it if it wasn’t safe’. And, while we see where you’re coming from, it’s not the case. At home teeth whitening can be dangerous and it’s best to avoid it. We’ve seen one too many at home tooth whitening horror stories. From bleeding and blistered gums and tongues, to excruciatingly sensitive teeth. Two things we’d rather go without. At home whitening might appear cheaper, but if you need restorative dental work because of it, it will end up costing you a whole lot.

A waste of money?

We think at home whitening is a waste of money – but we’re not just saying that because we’re dentists. We’ll let you in on a little secret. Over the counter teeth whitening products do not actually contain enough whitening solution to have any lasting effect on your teeth. Only registered dental professionals have access to high-power, clinical-grade whitening solution that will give you the results you want, in a safe and effective way.

Safe and Effective Teeth Whitening.

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