3 Safe and Easy Ways to Instantly Whiten Your Teeth

Want that Hollywood smile but don’t fancy undergoing whitening treatment?

You’re not alone. One in four adults has considered teeth whitening treatments in the last 6 months. However, safe and effective teeth whitening performed by a dentist can be expensive. And, we already know that at home whitening isn’t always safe and or effective. So today, we’re bringing you some inside knowledge, and telling you three safe and easy ways to instantly whiten your teeth, thus helping it to appear whiter.

Easy and safe Ways to Instantly Whiten Your Teeth

All of these methods can be done at home and what’s more is that they aren’t expensive. Anyone can do them and they’re all fool-proof! So if you’ve not quite decided that whitening is for you, these should keep you going for a little while! If you’d like more information about whitening you can read our blogs all about it here.

Let’s talk tanning.

This one won’t be for everyone, but it’s one of our favourite tips. Ever notice in holiday pictures that your teeth seem a lot more white? That’s because of your tan. The more tanned your skin is, the brighter your smile looks. So if that’s not an excuse to book a holiday, we don’t know what is!…We’re just kidding, but a holiday would be nice! Why not opt for a fake tan? Having a slightly more bronzed complexion will not only make your skin look fresher, but it will also make your smile look great too. Not to mention that your skin doesn’t have to take the brunt of those harmful rays either!

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Try a new toothpaste.

There are now plenty of teeth whitening toothpastes out there now. Whitening toothpaste will not give you a total Hollywood smile, but it will make your teeth a lot brighter looking after just a few uses. This is because whitening toothpaste is slightly abrasive and helps to lift staining from the teeth. It’s one of the safest ways to help boost the appearance of your smile – brushing your teeth is always a good thing to do!

Crack out your best red lipstick!

Come on guys, you too! That classic Marilyn Monroe red lip can work wonders for a smile! Red Lipsticks, particularly with a blue undertone are amazing for creating a brighter, whiter smile. Just how many toothpaste adverts use red lip stick to show off their beautiful smiles? Pretty much all of them. So why not ditch your everyday lipstick for something that will make your smile sparkle?

We know red isn’t for everyone so we’ve written another posts about the best lipsticks for making your teeth appear whiter, here.

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So there you have it, three safe and easy ways to instantly whiten your teeth – why not give them a go? Or why not try all three together? You might just be amazed!

Have you got any tips for safe and easy teeth whitening? Let us know!dentist near me, find a dentist, find a dentist near me, dentist in my area, dentist in, invisalign dentist, dentists in,