Why Should You Replace Your Missing Teeth?

Missing several teeth can severely affect your daily life


Missing teeth can affect your general health, your appearance and diminish your self-esteem.

Not only will replacing missing teeth make you look better and boost your confidence, it is crucial for the overall health of your other teeth and your gums.

Why worry about missing just one tooth?


You may think that missing only one tooth isn’t a big deal. After all, it’s only one tooth! But not replacing that one tooth could be just as bad as not replacing 10 missing teeth. Why? Because missing teeth can cause a whole host of other dental problems, resulting in you needing more time in the dentists chair.

Firstly, think about why we have teeth

We have teeth so that we can chew, tear and eat food – a basic need for everyone. The less teeth we have, the harder this becomes.


We also need our teeth to support the bone structure of our jaws. The bone that supports our teeth begins to shrink over time and your face adjusts with it. This makes us look older, often much older than we actually are.

An adult mouth is meant to operate with 28 teeth


As soon as one of those teeth are out of the equation, the surrounding teeth will begin to drift and shift into the space. This will make your teeth more prone to gum disease and decay.

It is vital that you replace missing teeth as soon as possible in order to prevent any shifting of your other teeth.

There are several ways to replace missing teeth.

Your dentist will be able to give you an idea of what treatment type will work best for you.


The most popular long term solution for replacing missing teeth is implants. Dental implants perform as normal teeth and do not cause movement – something that is often found with dentures. Dental implants are also a great choice for people who may only have one or two teeth missing. They can be fitted for people who have more teeth missing, however, they may find a dental bridge more appropriate.

With a good oral hygiene routine and regular visits to the dentist and hygienist, dental implants can last over 20 years. While dental implants can be expensive, their durability proves that they’re worth the investment. Many implant providers will also offer 0% finance options which will help you to spread the cost of their treatments.

Find a dentist near you

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