An Entirely New Way To Protect Teeth & Gums With Zendium Toothpaste

Want to boost your mouth’s natural defences?

Zendium toothpaste is finally available in the UK! Unilever brand, Zendium, is has taken Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, France and Belgium by storm. This innovative toothpaste cares for your whole mouth and can overhaul your oral health in just 14 weeks, keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

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What is Zendium Toothpaste?

Zendium toothpaste provides complete natural protection for your mouth! This toothpaste is specially formulated to combat the causes of caries and gum disease. It doesn’t contain any Parabens, SLS agents or Triclosan – meaning it’s free from any  chemicals that are normally found in regular toothpastes, that help toothpaste to foam up and kill germs.

That’s not to say it doesn’t work like a regular toothpaste and doesn’t kill germs. It does, but it does it naturally. Like most toothpastes, it is minty fresh. The taste isn’t too strong, making it suitable for all of the family.

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So how does it work? What makes it special?

Well, like we’ve mentioned, it’s all natural. Its been cleverly formulated to work in tune with your mouth, to keep your teeth and gums clean, and fight bad bacteria that can cause a whole host of dental problems. This toothpaste works with the bacteria that already exists in the mouth. It helps to raise the levels of good bacteria in the mouth and reduce the levels of bad bacteria (the bacteria that causes us problems) in the mouth. Results begin to show in just two weeks!

We tested it out for you…

One of our team were lucky enough to get our hands on some to try it out, to let you guys know our verdict! We gave it to our Social Media Manager, Leigh, who put it to the test! Let’s see what she thought about it…

Leigh’s overall rating?

Leigh rated it 5/5. She put it to the test,  thinks it’s great and would definitely buy it again in the future. She’s certain that you’ll love it too. Zendium Toothpaste is finally available in the UK via Amazon. You can get yours by clicking here!

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