Scottish NHS Dentists Awarded a 1% Pay Rise

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scottish nhs wage rise

Scottish NHS Dentists and other NHS staff have been given a 1% pay rise for 2017/18.

scottish nhs wage rise

This is the fourth year running in which Scottish NHS dentists and staff received a wage rise. Additional measures for the lowest paid staff have also been introduced. Anybody earning below £22,000 is receiving an additional sum of at least £400.

The Scottish Government has accepted independent recommendations on NHS pay. This is what has led to the pay rise for all Scottish NHS staff. The changes to wages should be in place for April’s wage payment. Health Secretary, Shona Robertson, said:

“NHS employees are the health service’s most valuable asset, and we value their contribution enormously,”

“I recognise that pay restraint has been difficult, however this must be seen in the context of the significant cuts we have seen to Scotland’s budget in recent years”

“We will also continue to guarantee a living wage for all NHS staff, and maintain our commitment to no compulsory redundancies.”

scottish nhs wage rise

Despite Robinson’s positive outlook, there have been numerous criticisms of the pay rise.

Both the BDA and Unite Scotland have spoken out against the wage rise. Both have cited the rising costs of food, fuel and travel. Claiming health workers have seen their real-terms income fall by over a quarter since 2009. Particularly Scottish associates and practice owners. The trade union, Unite Scotland say the Scottish NHS wage rise is “woefully inadequate” and that members “deserved more”. Robert Donald, chair of the BDA’s Scottish Dental Practice Committee (SDPC), says:

“The 1% award is extremely disappointing and does nothing to address the crisis of morale among Scotland’s GDPs,”

“It guarantees that we remain the lowest paid dentists in the whole of the UK.”

“While our earnings have been driven into the ground, costs associated with red tape, and an overbearing regulatory regime are spiralling out of control.”

scottish nhs wage rise

“Ministers need to know that dentists have had it to the back teeth in terms of doing “more with less”; and I fear that there is no give left in the system without compromising patient care.”

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