Why You Shouldn’t Skip Dental Appointments

Dental appointments can feel inconvenient. You might need to go during work and they cost money. However, they are necessary. We’ve seen a couple of articles this week explaining how people are skipping their dental appointments to save money. Here’s a few reasons why that isn’t a great idea.

dental appointments

Flossing and brushing isn’t enough.

You may think that flossing and brushing regularly is enough to not have to keep up with your dental appointments. Yes your teeth could look healthy but that isn’t always the case. Dentists clear the teeth and gums of plaque and bacteria buildup that a brush and floss alone may not be able to reach. Regular cleanings and check ups ensure that this plaque and bacteria isn’t advancing.

The advancement of gum disease and tooth decay can trigger tooth loss by eroding the enamel and weakening the bone that anchors the teeth. Dental hygienists possess the training, appropriate tools and viewpoints to remove all plaque that can cause conditions that result in tooth loss. Powerful topical fluoride treatments are also administered to fortify the enamel and protect teeth from decay or the need for removal. You’ll only receive these cleanings through your dental appointments.

dental appointments

Battling bad breath.

As trivial as it sounds, yes your dentist can help with this. Trapped bacteria in the mouth usually causes chronic bad breath. Removing these bacteria can be too hard for you to do at home in your bathroom mirror. Dental appointments give you the opportunity to bring up any oral issues you think you have. Should bad breath be one of them, dentists have powerful cleaning products that you wouldn’t be able to pick up in your local Tesco.

Prevents issues in the future.

Skipping your dental appointments may seem like no big deal at first. However, as time progresses your teeth could rapidly go downhill. Check ups are used to do just that, check up. This means that any issues could be nipped in the bud before they become a bigger problem. Something that could be caught early and cost you very little, when it’s left for a long time could end up costing an awful lot. That toothache that you don’t want to own up to could end in an extraction. Or, those bleeding gums you pretend not to notice could end in tooth loss.

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Keeps tabs on your overall health.

Poor dental health can impact your overall health quite negatively. Multiple studies have uncovered links between gum disease and stroke, high cholesterol, heart disease and even early labor in expectant mothers. Periodontitis (gum disease) occurs when the health of the gums are neglected, most commonly by a lack of proper brushing. Bacteria spawned from accumulated plaque can enter the bloodstream through inflamed gums and promote disease.

Dentists are also trained in detecting warning signs for oral cancer. Despite common thought, smokers and tobacco users aren’t the only ones vulnerable to this dangerous and aggressive form of cancer. Oral cancers are often caused by the HPV virus, and can develop in the mouths of patients who refrain from behavioural risks. Oral cancer is deadly; there are 13 cases per 100,000 people over the last two decades.

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Although mouth cancer is more common in men, the rates are rising just as fast for women. A lot of the time patients wont seek treatment until they recognise obvious symptoms. But, early detection is key and that’s where your dental appointments come in.

So if you’re due a check up or you have a niggling suspicion that something isn’t quite right, we hope we’ve encouraged you to ring up your dentist and book your appointment! Find your nearest dentist here.

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