Social Media Selling and Dental Products

With the rise of social media selling, everywhere is slowly becoming a retail platform.


It’s unusual to scroll down social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook without online influencers pushing products in our faces. While influencers may say that they are ‘really loving’ a product, there is a possibility that they haven’t even tried them. We all remember Scott Disick’s woeful attempt at trying to promote a product on Instagram!


Social Media Dental

Celebrities and influencers are being paid thousands of pounds to tell you that they have been using a product or that they are fans of a product.

Recently, more and more companies that produce dental products such as whitening kits, have been hot on the heels of Instagram stars, YouTube gurus and Beauty Bloggers to get their brand out in the open. Exposure from celebrities is guaranteed to build a customer base.

Social Media Dental

If your dentist doesn’t recommend it – don’t do it!

Just because your favourite celebrity is beaming their huge smile from behind an LED whitening light, bleaching strips or a Charcoal Toothpaste, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good product – or that it is safe to use. This method of marketing has been going on for years and it does work. If you can put a face on a product, people are more likely to trust it.  Despite this, you should be particularly wary when it comes to dental products.

The ever so popular Kardashian and Jenner clan have no need for LED activated whitening gels – why? Because their dentist regularly whitens their teeth for them already. Let’s face it, your favourite celebrity already has a brilliant white smile. If a company selling teeth whitening products can get a celebrity with beautiful pearly whites to pose with their product, it looks as though their product has done all the work. Thus, encouraging many trusting fans to buy into a product that doesn’t necessarily work.

Social Media Dental

It is selling a false promise to followers and fans.

Many dentists have warned of the use of Charcoal Activated Whitening Powders. These powders can contain harsh abrasives that attack the enamel of the tooth, wearing it thin and leaving teeth susceptible to sensitivity and even decay.

You probably won’t find effective and lasting teeth whitening on social media. You will have to go to your dentist. Your dentist is the only person that is legally allowed to perform safe whitening treatments on patients.

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