Is Tea Staining Your Teeth More Than Red Wine & Coffee?

tea, teeth, staining, stained teeth, stains

Tea is the biggest culprit of stained teeth.

Unless you’ve had cosmetic whitening treatments, there’s a very high chance your teeth aren’t sparkling white (If they are though, let us know how you managed that!).

It would seem that every week, we’re being told about new foods that are harming our teeth. Whether it be that the food is ruining our enamel causing sensitivity or discolouring our teeth through staining.

tea, teeth, staining, stained teeth, stains

We know of the common culprits of staining.

Unfortunately for us, we love most of them! Red wine, tea, coffees, dark chocolate, white wine, soft drinks that are dark in colour such as Coca-Cola, dark berries such as blueberries or blackberries and even cherries.

Let’s talk Tea.

However, a recent study has shown that actually Tea is the biggest culprit for those stains on your teeth. The study even discovered that tea is worse for your teeth than coffee – Java lovers rejoice! Tooth enamel is naturally porous and therefore will absorb tannins that are in tea, leaving your teeth that unpleasant brown colour. Tannic acid, a type of tannin found in some teas, is what creates plaque on teeth, causing them to yellow.

On the Defacto Dentists blog, we recently looked at a study from Kings College London which noted that the two worst things you can eat/drink that will harm your teeth is actually tea and salt and vinegar crisps. You can check out that blog here if you want to read more.

tea, teeth, staining, stained teeth, stains

Of course, staining can be limited.

Maintaining a good oral health routine is vital. Brushing twice a day for two minutes is crucial to ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy between your trips to the dentist. Flossing is important too, but everyone forgets from time to time, but flossing once a day can really make a difference to the appearance of your smile overall. Then of course, as we’ve mentioned, visiting the dentist – you’ll need to do that too.

Your dentist can help you reverse staining.

If your teeth have a little discolouration and generally need some TLC, there are several cosmetic treatments on offer that can help restore your smile, making it brighter and potentially more white, too. Speak to your dentist to see what type of treatments are on offer and which type of treatment is best suited to your case.

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