Restoring Long-term Neglected Teeth

Here at Defacto we always promote maintaining healthy teeth, however, we do understand that sometimes people can have neglected teeth.

Whether it is from accidents, not maintaining oral hygiene or a lack of dental visits, it can happen. It goes without saying that these patients will need extensive and restorative care. Neglected teeth will need to be made healthy again, before they can be fully restored.

restoring neglected teeth

Starting from the beginning.

Many people with neglected teeth may believe that their teeth are too far gone for treatment. However, this isn’t the case. There is always a way to make your teeth look and feel better. There will be varying treatment options, depending on your case, but the first step is getting them checked by your local dentist.

Consultation and Initial Treatment.

Everyone’s treatment will be different. However, before any treatment commences, a thorough examination will be made of your mouth. This is to determine the extent of any problems you may have and to enable your dentist to put a treatment plan in place.

Initial treatment of neglected teeth is likely to revolve around the need for any fillings or extractions. Root canal treatment may also be used where the internal parts of a tooth are infected. Wherever possible dentists will try to preserve your natural teeth without resorting to extractions. Although, occasionally, this may be the only option left open to them.

restoring neglected teeth

Gum and Restorative Treatment.

Neglected teeth will often mean neglected gums. So, before they move on to any restorative work, they need to make sure that you have healthy gums. If a patient has developed gum disease, they will implement a sequence of cleaning and treatment to get the gum health back on course. Depending on the extent of the disease, this may require additional visits to the hygienist or perhaps to the specialist periodontist for more extreme cases.

Once your mouth is in a healthy condition, your dentist can start to look at ways of filling in the gaps that any missing teeth have left. This will give you both more functional and attractive teeth. There are a number of options available, which include dentures, bridges or dental implants and they will discuss the pros and cons of these with you to help you to make an informed choice.

restoring neglected teeth

It may be a lengthy process but we think it’s worth it! Restoring your teeth could give you back your confidence and your smile. You may think your neglected teeth are beyond saving. But, it’s likely they’ll be easier to save than you think…

Why don’t you make a start on your restoration today by heading over to and searching for the right dentist near you!

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