What can dentists do for patients with dental anxiety?

For patients who suffer from dental anxiety, going to the dentist for a check-up or treatment can be a particularly daunting experience. What can a dentist do to make your experience better?

Clinics designed to reduce dental anxiety


From the moment you step through the door of the clinic, a welcoming environment helps in the process of reducing your anxiety. Soft furniture, calming music, open space and certain scents assist patients in feeling less worried. In addition to this, some dental surgeries have introduced new features to their receptions. These include relaxation rooms, massage chairs and offering pampering treatments such as manicures, reflexology and massages. This is all in an attempt to create a salon-like environment for anxious patients. Maybe going to the dentist isn’t so bad after all!

How can dentists help anxious patient in the dental chair?


A welcoming and relaxing reception environment can aid in relaxing anxious patients prior to their appointment. Dentists can also employ techniques that will help patients to feel more relaxed during their dental treatment. Some popular methods used by dentists to help relax patients are hypnotherapy and guided meditation. Hypnotherapy and guided meditation are non-invasive methods of relaxation. They allow the anxious patient to enter into a state of mind in which they feel relaxed and willing to let the dentist perform treatment. The more relaxed the patient, the more able the dentist is to carry out the necessary procedures quickly and with minimal pain.

Some dental practices offer gentle dentistry


This is an approach to dentistry that is minimally invasive. It focuses on the patient feeling relaxed and comfortable throughout their entire treatment. The dentist will often take time to explain to the patient each step of the procedure before starting. Then, throughout the treatment, the dentist will reassure the patient and check that they are alright. This allows the patient to have a break if they need to. In some surgeries that practice gentle dentistry, patients also have access to blankets, pillows and relaxing music.

Dentists are there to look after your teeth and gums


All dentists have a duty of care to help you look after your oral health. Explaining to your dentist about any anxiety or concerns you may have prior to treatment will help them to help you.

Find a dentist who specialises in dental anxiety near you

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