Smiling – The Key To Looking Younger?

Smiling – something that more of us should do more often!

On average, women smile a whopping 62 times every day compared to men who smile only 6 times a day! Are we really shocked at that though? C’mon men, crack us a smile!


Eight in ten brits say that they are confident enough to smile at strangers in the street and most of us smile at someone we don’t know around eight times every day. Not only is smiling a great mood booster, but it also helps you feel more confident in yourself and convinces others that you are trustworthy and welcoming. Smiling changes your brain chemistry and forces you to think more positively.

smiling, smiling, mental health, smile, teeth, britain

Smiling can also aid our mental health.

Our mental health is something we often overlook, but shouldn’t. Researchers say that smiling at least seven times every day is just important for our mental health as 5 fruit and veg a day is for our physical health!

69% of us say that when we smile at others, we feel happy inside. Researchers have also found that people who have genuine smiles, rather than simply looking cheerful or having a blank expression, were even more likely to be seen as healthy and glowing.


smiling, smiling, mental health, smile, teeth, britain

Looking to impress? SMILE!

When we meet new people, the second thing we notice about them is their teeth/smile. If you’re smiling when you meet someone new, it can make you seem more appealing and attractive – so if you’ve got a date coming up and you’re looking to impress, flash your best smile. You never know, it might just bag you the second date!

A real, genuine smile is a Duchenne smile. A Duchenne smile uses all the muscles in the face, including the “laugh lines” around your eyes. Duchenne smiles are hard to fake and often occur when we are exposed to something that makes us truly happy or to something that makes us laugh!

smiling, smiling, mental health, smile, teeth, britain

What makes you smile?

What makes you smile? Maybe its spending time with family and friends? Maybe its your favourite food or finishing up work for the weekend?

Moshulu have compiled this brilliant list of the top 40 things that make us smile! What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with any of them? Let us know in the comments.

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