Halloween Treats That Won’t Harm Kid’s Teeth!

Halloween is just around the corner!

It’s that time of year again where the supermarket shelves fill up with sweet treats and kids go crazy from all of the sugary sweets. While giving kids treats in moderation is fine, at Halloween, things can get a bit out of hand!  

Why not also try and incorporate some treats into Halloween that are still tasty but a lot less harsh on kid’s teeth!

Bobbing for apples!

A true Halloween Classic – something we all used to love as children! Apples are a perfect healthy snack and they are brilliant for keeping our teeth healthy. Apples are called Nature’s Toothbrush for a reason! So why not bring back this fun Halloween game this year? A fun and fruity alternative to heaps of chocolate!



Chocolate covered apples!

Traditionally, it is toffee apples that are given out on Halloween. But toffee is notoriously bad for our teeth! Chocolate covered apples are just as tasty and aren’t as harsh on our teeth. As soon as you put chocolate on something, kids are 100 times more interested in it! As we’ve just said, apples are great for the teeth. So why not coat some in a thin layer of chocolate – dark, milk or white the choice is yours. This is much more healthy and again a lot better for the teeth than bars of chocolates. They’re really fun to make to and kids will love to get involved – especially if you let them lick the spoon at the end!



Jack O’ Lantern Tangerines!

These are super cute and incredibly easy to make! Tangerines have been given out on Halloween for years but they’ve never looked as cool as this! All you’ll need is some tangerines and a permanent marker.  Draw your best pumpkin carving faces onto the skin of the tangerine with the marker – be as creative as you like! Making fruit fun means kids are more likely to eat it!


White Chocolate Banana Ghosts!

 For these ghostly treats chop some bananas in half and pop them on the top of some ice lolly sticks. Then, dip them into some melted white chocolate and stick some chocolate drops on as eyes and a mouth! Let them rest on a tray in the freezer until the chocolate sets and voila! Some spooky Halloween ice lolly treats that kids are bound to love.



Whatever you’re up to this Halloween, we hope you have a lot of fun!

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