Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Over the Holidays

Christmas and New Year can be a busy time for us all. But, you should be making it a busy time for your dentist.

We’re not saying we want dentists laden down with work over the holidays. What we are saying is that you should be focusing on maintaining your dental health over this festive period.

dentist over christmas

A lot of people get time off over the holidays, which is an ideal time to book or attend a dental appointment! Get an update on your oral health from your dentist and make it a mission in the New Year to care for your smile more. Here are five reasons that you should try visiting your local clinic this holiday season.

Prevention of tooth loss.

If you lose a tooth, it can be a fairly expensive prospect to get it replaced, and if you don’t get it replaced, it will leave an unattractive gap in your smile. To avoid the potential for loss of a tooth, regular brushing and flossing will go a long way. And the second line of defence after that would be regular trips to the dentist office. With regular dental care, you’ll receive professional teeth cleaning, with warnings about any trouble spots, and even fluoride treatments that strengthen your teeth’s resistance against cavities and potential tooth loss.

dentist over christmas

Prevention of gum disease

Periodontal disease, (or gum disease), infects the tissues that surround and provide support for your teeth. The less severe and more treatable version of periodontal disease is gingivitis. If left untreated, this can worsen into a more damaging kind of gum disease. Early warning signs of gum disease include swollen or tender gums, constant halitosis, bleeding gums, and teeth that are loosening from the gums.

Maintain a bright smile.

The first and easiest step toward maintaining a dazzling white smile is conscientious brushing and flossing. But regular trips to the dentist office can also provide a big boost to your smile. That’s because plaque can collect in places hard to reach, such as beneath the gum line, and it can be extracted by a professional cleaning. For a really big boost, your dentist can even provide teeth whitening treatments that will make yellowish teeth a great deal more attractive.

dentist over christmas

Manage wear and tear.

Over the course of a lifetime, it’s fairly common for normal wear and tear to reduce your teeth’s natural defenses, and make you more susceptible to dental problems. Plaque buildup and gum disease are two very common scenarios that tend to worsen with age. Even if daily brushing and flossing are applied conscientiously. New tooth decay and decay around old fillings also tend to be a bigger problem as you get older, just through the cumulative effect of wear and tear. You never lose the need to visit the dentist, or the value gained from regular visits.

Overall well being.

As all scientists know and most people as well, there is a strong association between good dental health and your general health. The health status of your teeth and gums can have a significant effect on pretty much every major bodily system. For instance; the circulatory system, the respiratory, reproductive, and digestive systems. Good dental health can truly be a major boost to your overall good health and well being.

dentist over christmas

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