What to Watch for in Dental Practice Reviews?


Dental practice reviews

GUEST BLOG BY Nikoleta Gehrmann

Dental practice reviews are a great source of information…when written by real patients. It is a well-known fact that not all online reviews are real, and not all dentists are as nervous-patient friendly as they claim to be, so you want to make sure to choose wisely. Here are some things to watch for:

dentist practice reviews

Nervous patients who describe the interior design

If someone suffers from a certain level of dental anxiety, their only concern with interior design will be whether there is a window in the bathroom or whether they will have to pass the receptionist to get to the exit. Be wary of reviews of apparently anxious patients who talk too much about things like pictures on the wall, the quality of chairs, or decorations. Truly fearful patients will focus more on managing their emotional state than caring about their surroundings.

Dental clinic reviews

All their dentists are so nice

An anxious new patient probably will not get to know more than one or two dentists in a practice. If you find reviews that refer to “dentists“, it means that the practice either does not value each patient with a particular provider, or changes dentists too often, or that the review is fake. In any case, you will be better off looking somewhere else.Also, be careful when no names are mentioned. If you have a friendly dentist who helped you with your fears, you will usually want to make sure the world knows who that special dentist is.

Dental practice reviews

Cleverest man ever?

Talking about qualifications and training

No (former) nervous patient will ever care about how much training their dentist has received. The only thing that matters is how they felt about a dentist, how the treatment was for them and how happy they felt afterwards. Reviews that praise the team’s amazing training or special degrees are most likely from the team itself.

Defacto Dentists reviews

Pay attention to the length and the details of the dental practice reviews

Someone who has been phobic for most of their life and now has finally discovered a dentist who gently guides them through the needed treatment will be happy to write whole novels about how great they are. So be skeptical if you only find one-sentence reviews that reveal no particular details about what treatment was needed and what the dentist did to help.

5 star rating on dental practice reviews

dental practice reviews – Nobody is perfect

It is hardly possible to have only five-stars ratings. There are just too many haters in the world, and nobody is perfect. So be careful when you see a large number of reviews, all of which are positive. If you see a negative review, the content will give you a clue about what was going on and how seriously to take it.

Finally, pay attention to your gut feeling. If you feel something is not right about a dental practice, it is most likely not the right practice for you.

Nikoleta Gehrmann is a psychology student with a particular interest in dental phobia. She currently works in a dental practice which specialises in treating nervous patients and spends a lot of time volunteering for Dental Fear Central, a site providing information and peer support for people suffering with severe dental anxiety.

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