Beat Bad Breath!

Nobody wants to be told that they have bad breath!

Bad breath, also known as halitosis or fetor oris, affects an estimated 25% of people, globally. There are a number of potential causes of halitosis but the vast majority come down to oral hygiene.

It is unpleasant, and can make socialising and professional situations  awkward and uncomfortable. Today we’re talking about how you can beat bad breath and what to do if you can’t seem to shake it.


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What causes bad breath?

Bad breath can be caused by a whole variety of different things. It can be caused by foods such as garlic, onions, orange juice and fizzy drinks. It can be caused by dry mouth, decayed teeth, or even by taking certain medicines. Smoking and drinking can cause breath to smell unpleasant too.

Halitosis can cause significant worry and embarrassment, but generally, it is easy to beat!


halitosis, bad breath, breath, smelly breath, beat bad breath,

Beat Bad Breath!

The most common cause of halitosis is bad oral hygiene. If particles of food are left in the mouth, their breakdown by bacteria produces sulphur compounds which have an extremely unpleasant smell. Halitosis is the third most common reason that people seek dental care – after tooth decay and gum disease.

Simple home remedies and lifestyle changes, such as improved dental hygiene and quitting smoking, can often remove the issue. These are some super simple ways to beat bad breath:

Keeping well hydrated by drinking water stops the mouth from getting dry. This will help beat bad breath!

Keep sugar free mint chewing gum handy at all times. Pop some in your mouth after meals for fresh breath.

Brush twice daily for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste.

Floss! Flossing removes any trapped foods which can cause bad breath!

What if it doesn’t go away?

If it’s not going away, you might have an under lying problem which will need to be seen by a dentist. It is usually nothing to worry about, but getting a professional opinion will help you on your way to getting it treated!

In the mean time, keep performing the above methods to keep your breath super fresh whenever possible.

halitosis, bad breath, breath, smelly breath, beat bad breath,

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