Prosecco – The Drink That’s Destroying Our Teeth.

prosecco, alcohol, damage, drinking, decay

Prosecco –  one of the most on trend drinks of the moment.

Prosecco is all over every twenty something’s Snapchat and Instagram stories. It’s the current pre-drink of choice and just the other week, people were queuing in their hundreds outside Aldi stores to snap up 6 bottles for only £20 – a total steal!


We hate to put a dampener on things, but it turns out that it’s not so good for our teeth.


Prosecco is a cheaper alternative to champagne, people around the UK have been obsessing over it for the past few months. In Britain alone last year, 40 Million Litres of prosecco was consumed – that is over a third of ALL of the prosecco produced in the world.


 But did you know that each glass of Prosecco contains at least 1 tea spoonful of sugar?


Recently, dentists have been warning drinkers of the high sugar content in this popular Italian sparkling wine. Drinks that contain high levels of sugar can cause damage to the tooth’s enamel and can eventually cause gum disease.



prosecco, alcohol, damage, drinking, decay



But it’s not only the high sugar content that does the damage. Prosecco’s acidic PH (only 3.5!) can also be harsh on the enamel causing it to weaken. If you’re looking to brush your teeth after drinking a few glasses, it’s best to wait a couple of hours to let the enamel harden again. Brushing on weak, exposed enamel can cause it to weaken even further leading to sensitive teeth and again gum disease.


Dentists are dubbing it ‘Prosecco Smile’.


The gum line starts to recede upwards exposing more of the tooth. A white line will form just below the gum line and its soft to the touch. Prosecco Smile patients will also complain of increased tooth sensitivity.

Females are most at risk of developing Prosecco Smile. This is because women are three times as likely to drink prosecco as men.



prosecco, alcohol, damage, drinking, decay



We all love a little drink now and then. We’re not saying to stop drinking, we’re just saying to enjoy drinking in moderation. As hard as that sounds, it will help to keep any severe dental problems at bay.


Prosecco induced tooth loss is nothing to smile about!


If you are worried about any damage to your teeth, it is worth speaking to your dentist. Your dentist will be able to inform you about how better to look after your teeth, and suggest any necessary treatment.


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Finding the perfect dentist has never been easier –  we’ll cheers to that!

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