Caring For Your Pet’s Teeth!

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Your pet’s dental health is important as their general health.

Poor dental health in pets can lead to bad breath; swollen, bleeding gums; loose teeth; difficulty eating; to name just a few problems.  You can easily avoid these problems by regularly visiting your vet for professional exams and cleanings and by caring for your pet’s teeth at home.

pets, dogs, cats, teeth, vet, vets, animals

What can help you pet’s teeth?

Toys, treats, rawhide chews, and specially formulated foods are available from pet stores and will help to keep your pet’s teeth clean, but use these in addition to brushing your pet’s teeth. Most of these toys and foods have a mild abrasive action to help wipe away the thin layer of protein that builds up on teeth. Others are treated with enzymes to help reduce bacteria. Your veterinarian may also recommend gels, sprays, rinses, or special treats or foods that chemically prevent plaque.

pets, dogs, cats, teeth, vet, vets, animals

Get brushing!

We know they might not like it, but aim to brush your pet’s teeth at least once every week! And as you would your own, change the toothbrush every 2 months, or sooner if your pet has been unwell as toothbrushes harbour bacteria.
The earlier that you integrate a tooth brushing regimen into your dog’s routine, the earlier they are to get used to it! Make sure you’re using the correct size toothbrush for your dog, and a tooth paste that they like!

pets, dogs, cats, teeth, vet, vets, animals

Spot the signs.

If you notice that your pet is struggling to eat, drink or is acting out of character, it could be that they are having some problems with their teeth and gums. The signs may not be visible. It is best to contact a vet for an emergency appointment to get everything checked out.

Ultimately, your pet’s teeth and gums are as vulnerable to disease as yours. Make sure you give the same care and attention to your pet’s dental health as you do to your own.

Registering your pet with a vet is as important as registering yourself with a dentist!

Do you have any tips for keeping your pet’s teeth in tip-top condition? Let us know!


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