Childhood Obesity Plan Labelled a Disaster

The childhood obesity plan has been attacked and named an absolute disaster.

After the Sugar Tax has been given the go ahead the proposed obesity strategy has been labelled weak by health experts, campaigners, MPs and the boss of one of Britain’s biggest supermarkets.

Childhood obesity plan has been shot down
Childhood obesity plan has been shot down

The strategy now also includes a voluntary challenge for the food industry to reduce sugar in products by 5% within a year, with an aim to reach a 20% drop by 2020, the Oral Health Foundation has described this move as an ‘absolute disaster’, pointing to a missed opportunity for a blanket ban on junk food advertising during family TV shows.

Chairwomen of the Health Select Committee, Dr Wollaston, has said the situation is “really disappointing” and that “whole sections from the original draft have been dropped”, including measures on advertising junk food to children and on promotions such as two-for-one deals. She went on to highlight that this strategy could have made a serious difference, quickly and that she’s “afraid it does show the hand of big industry lobbyists and that’s really disappointing.”

The plan also asked for school sports to get more funds by 2018. The British Medical Association said the government had “rowed back” on promises, Mike Coupe, chief executive of Sainsbury’s, says there should be a tougher regime including compulsory targets for sugar and mandatory traffic light labelling. However, it appears that Prime Minister Theresa May has decided that the sugar tax is enough government intervention this time around.

Theresa May gave the sugar tax the go ahead
Theresa May gave the sugar tax the go ahead

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, said.

“Today’s Childhood Obesity Strategy is a disaster,”
“Despite the strategy being focused on tackling obesity, the knock on effect it would have had on oral health was enormous and what we have seen today spells bad news for generations of our children.”

He went on to say:

“We are incredibly disappointed but sadly not surprised by this move.”
“The government continue to ignore the children’s oral health crisis we are experiencing in the UK and are putting the wellbeing of millions of people a risk by bowing to pressure from the food and drink industry.”
“We will continue to lobby the government for more decisive action and apply pressure on the food and drink industry until a telling change is made.”

Junk food is a big issue with children
Junk food is a big issue with children


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