How Long Would You Wait For A Dental Appointment?

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How long would you wait for a dental appointment?

We know that going to the dentist isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. While some people remain completely unbothered about a check-up, others would do anything to avoid one. Sometimes though, visiting the dentist is a must.

You might have a dental emergency or need vital restorative work done. But some people in the UK are now having to wait up to 2 years to be seen by a dentist.

two year wait for dental appointments, dentist, dental care

How long would you wait for a dental appointment?

Those in York are being told that the wait to see a dentist could be up to two years to receive dental treatment. It’s no secret that the longer a dental related problem is left, the more likely it is to worsen. What’s more is that those in the north of England have some of the worst dental health in the UK. Unfortunately, this is looking unlikely to change.

This is forcing people to travel to nearby cities and towns to get treatment. While this may not seem like a huge issue, this shouldn’t happen in the first place. Some people are unable to travel and therefore cannot attend other practices. Dental treatment should be accessible to everyone.

A few weeks ago on the Defacto Dentists blog we looked at a similar scenario where people were forced to travel up to 70 miles to see a dentist.

A two year wait could potentially two year wait for dental appointments, dentist, dental care

force people away from visiting the dentist all together.

Ultimately, treatment should be available whenever necessary – NHS or Private. Adult or child.

Left untreated, poor oral hygiene will not only cause problems in the mouth. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a whole host of general health problems. It can make day-to-day things such as eating and drinking difficult.  It can also cause a multitude of mental health problems. Those with ‘bad teeth’ are likely to lose confidence in themselves and it can make social activities challenging.

Register with a dentist.

If you need to register with a dentist, you can do so at Our website lists thousands of UK dentists that are ready and waiting to treat you. Read reviews from other patients, view the treatments on offer and get to know the practice teams. Check if the practice times revolve around your lifestyle and get in touch with the practice that best suits your needs.

If you have a dental emergency and cannot be seen by your regular dentist, you can call NHS24 on 111. Dental professionals will be on hand to provide care information and direct you to emergency care if you desperately need it.

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