Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Many people wonder whether or not they are able to get dental implants. Some people write off the idea of dental implants because they don’t think they’re available for them. If any of the below information relates to you, chat to your dentist and explore your options.

Dental implants can be used for both a variety of clinical and cosmetic reasons.

One of the main clinical reasons that people look for dental implants is tooth loss. Being toothless can be tricky to deal with. It can knock your confidence and make daily tasks such as eating and talking slightly harder or even uncomfortable. Finding a quick and effective cure to missing teeth is essential as further complications such as infection of the gums could occur.

Whether you have multiple teeth missing or just one single tooth, you could be a suitable candidate for dental implants. Dentists will be happy to see you and discuss your options no matter how many teeth you have missing!

Dental implants aren’t restricted to those who have clinical problems such as missing teeth. They can be used for many aesthetic reasons too. Many people are simply born without a specific tooth, have tooth discolouration where the tooth is very visibly different from the other teeth or may have teeth of different lengths. Others may just want a perfect Hollywood smile. In this instance, patients look to get dental implants purely for cosmetic reasons.

Dental implants are also a great alternative to both single tooth and multiple tooth dentures.

Some patients feel self-conscious about wearing dentures, find them uncomfortable, cause them to gag or are no longer able to wear dentures and as a result, may benefit from dental implants.

Ultimately, a consultation with your dentist will help to decide whether dental implants are the right treatment method for you. There are other methods of treatment available (e.g. dentures and veneers) and these options should be fully explored too. Your dentist will be able to give you a complete idea of what is best suited to you, what is realistically achievable and what isn’t.

If your dentist does not specialise in dental implants, there is no need to worry, you can still find a dentist in your area who will be able to help you! Head over to our website and search for a dentist who does and who is local to you. All you have to do is search your location and tick ‘Dental Implants’ in the check list on the left hand side. Have a read through our reviews, have a look through the clinic pages and find one that suits you and your needs.

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