Five Reasons Why People Get Dental Implants

Some patients go to their dentist looking for a single implant for only one tooth whereas some patients go to their dentist to get multiple implants to restore several teeth. No matter how many implants a patient is looking for, the reasons for getting dental implants varies from patient to patient.

We took a closer look at a few different reasons why people choose to get dental implants.

5 reasons people get dental implants

Aesthetic Reasons.

Many people, including celebrities get dental implants to improve the appearance of their smile. Tailored with precision, dental implants are developed to fit perfectly into the patient’s mouth, alongside their existing teeth. Dental implants can be used to fix gaps in the teeth, lengthen or shorten tooth length, or even fix discolouration. An implant’s likeness to a real human tooth gives patients the freedom act as they would with a full set of natural teeth. Daily tasks such as eating, drinking are as normal and there is no difference to speech.


Dental implants are built to withstand the test of time and are therefore the most cost effective way of replacing teeth. Older and more traditional implant methods such as tooth-supported dental bridges only last around 6-7 years and do need to be replaced. Modern dental implants, if cared for correctly at home and examined regularly by a dentist, can last a life time.

Many people have an intolerance to wearing dentures.

5 reasons people get dental implants

Often, people who wear dentures can experience discomfort or are worried that their dentures will come loose when eating or talking. Some denture wearers feel embarrassed, especially those who are young, due to the stereotype of dentures, many believe that dentures are for the elderly. Other denture wearers may be unable to wear them if their gag reflex is poor. This is because the plate in the roof of your mouth can extend too far back and press against the body’s gag reflex. A dentist is able to shave the back of the plate to shorten it, but this process can reduce the suction on the plate and make the denture loose. Therefore, dental implants are a brilliant alternative to dentures.

A single missing tooth is easier to repair using dental implants.

A single dental implant is more effective than a single tooth denture. As mentioned above, people may have an intolerance to wearing dentures or may feel embarrassed to do so. In addition to this, creating a bridge for a single tooth denture can cause damage to teeth on either side of the tooth that needs replacing. To replace a single tooth via a single root using dental implants is less damaging to a patient’s oral health.

5 reasons people get dental implants

Dental Implants can stabilise dentures.

If a dental patient has no teeth and opts to get dentures, dental implants can help to stabilise their dentures. Having a few dental implants in the mouth gives the denture a structure to lock on to and therefore help to minimise the chances of the dentures becoming loose or falling out.

If you are considering getting implants, please contact your dentist for a consultation first. If your dental surgery does not offer implants, then we can help you! On our website, you can find a whole list of dentists near you offering implants. Search your location, click ‘Dental Implants’ in the check list on the left and find a dentist suitable for you.

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