‘Dentist of Horror’ Jailed for Mutilating Patients

Jacobus Van Nierop
Jacobus Van Nierop

Dubbed the ‘ Dentist of Horror ’, a Dutch man has been charged today for his crimes in France.

Jacobus Van Nierop faced his trial and was found guilty of aggravated assault and fraud.

The 51 year old was on trial for ripping out healthy teeth and leaving patients with broken jaws, abscesses and septicaemia in the small central town of Chateau-Chinon. He was also banned from practicing in the dental profession and has been fined for €10,500 (£8,100).

Upon his arrival at the small French town, the Dentist of Horror went by the name of Mark; locals were initially delighted by his arrival, with him being described as a smiling gentleman with a big dog. He was hired by a headhunter back in 2008 and was put in place to aid in the towns inadequate medical services. However, by 2011 the authorities were starting to question some finances of his, and patients were starting to discuss and compare his dentistry.
Sylviane Boulesteix, 65, visited his practice in March 2012 to have her braces fitted. She claimed:

‘He gave me seven or eight injections, and pulled out eight teeth in one go. I was gushing blood for three days,’

Adding to that an 80-year-old, Bernard Hugon, said the dentist left ‘pieces of flesh hanging everywhere’ after tearing out a tooth. It was said that during every procedure he would claim to give them a small dose of local anaesthetic and they would end up being knocked out and waking up with a posit note with their next appointment stuck to them.

Artist Impression of the trial
Artist Impression of the trial

Mrs Martin set up a victims’ group in early 2013, with the help of one of Van Nierop’s assistants, to press charges, and it soon developed into having 120 members. In June of that year, police arrested Van Nierop but he fled the country the December after the police left him free pending trial. He was eventually arrested under an international warrant in September 2014 after being tracked down to a small Canadian town in New Brunswick.

It was reported by local media that Nierop attempted to cut his own throat upon arrest; he then went on to do his utmost to avoid being detained. Claiming issues like ‘physiological problems’, gender identity problems and suicidal thoughts. He also claimed to have killed his first wife and that he was trans-sexual. In the end he was placed in a prison psychiatric unit in the Loiret Department in the South of Paris.

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