Fraudulent Surrey Dentist Mark Walewski Struck Off

Mark Walewski
Mark Walewski

Mark Walewski claimed £220,000 from the NHS for fake appointments.

The Ferrari-driving dentist was jailed for three years due to his crimes.

While working for the New Dental Surgery in Handheld, Surrey, Walewski filed 6,608 fraudulent claims. Most of which were for children and babies.

Walewski used the stolen money to be able to afford a lavish lifestyle and buy a fleet of sports cars, including the aforementioned Ferrari. His collection of cars also included a Lotus 2-Eleven; Walewski claimed money for these even though he earned £150,000 on average per year.

His fraud was discovered after six years due to an anonymous tip off, the General Dental Council was informed of his indiscretions on the 21st of April, this year. He manipulated the Units if Dental Activity process and its believed the total loss to the NHS was £222,703.34 and along with his three year sentence for fraud he was sentenced for another count of fraud. His time for this was 20 months, due to actions between April the 4th in 2007 and August 10th in 2012. The sentencing took place at Guilford Crown Court.

Walewski and his Ferrari
Walewski and his Ferrari

While jailing the fraudulent dentist, Judge Stephen Climie said:

“Following the introduction of the Units of Dental Activity process and the FP17 forms, you provided the NHS with over 6,500 false claims.”
“The payments that you were to receive from the NHS (approximately one third of the income) came from the fraud.”
“For a significant period of time, some six years or thereabouts in total, you abused the system that was available to you, and, as a result, the NHS suffered those significant losses.”
“I am told that now it is accepted that the direct loss, in terms of a figure, to the NHS as a whole comes to some £222,000 or thereabouts.”
“This is a case which, in my judgment, involved a gross abuse of the position of trust which you held.”
“In addition to those matters, your reputation, damaged as it now is, impacts and casts a shadow over your profession as a whole.”
“When others read of frauds such as this, it is an understandable human reaction to reflect upon their own practitioner – their own dentist, their own doctor, depending on the profession within which the defendant operates – and that has a significant impact on the profession as a whole.”

The GDC found that Walewski’s fitness to practice was effected due to his criminal conviction and his name has since been erased from the dental register.

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