Dr Howard Farran – “Uncomplicate Business”

Owner, Founder & CEO of Farran Media,
Owner, Founder & CEO of Farran Media,

“Uncomplicate Business”
London: Fri 17th June or Glasgow: Fri 24th June

In this seminar, Dr. Farran shares his proven techniques with you and your staff to increase your productivity and build your business.

Dr. Howard Farran is one of the most forward-thinking, cutting-edge dentists in the world. You will enjoy his fast-paced, straight-from-the-hip, politically incorrect, exhilarating style while you learn more in one lecture than you ever thought possible. Dr. Farran’s seminar focuses on the business of running a dental office –things that every business needs to do during this economic environment, and what every business needs to make its products and services more efficient. The things that can realistically be managed and what functions your business should have. This seminar is perfect and the timing couldn’t be better!

Howard’s topics may include:
·Learn how to apply time-tested MBA-level management to your office.
·Learn how to build a winning team without any hype, fluff, or wishful thinking.
·Learn how to get twice as much done in half the time while reducing your stress.
·Understand how to learn and commit to operations and logistics, instead of chaos and guesswork.
·Learn to focus your practice: market differentiation, cost leadership, and niche market.
·Learn which sectors in dentistry are growing faster with higher net income so you can focus your practice for profitability.
·Learn how to develop a relationship-based practice instead of a product-based practice.
·Increase treatment plan acceptance by understanding market segmentation and price elasticity.
·See how going digital can dramatically increase your case acceptance.
·Learn the real reasons patients put off dental treatment.
·Learn the first and second laws of customer satisfaction.
·Learn about the only three things you manage – people, time, and money.
·Learn about the three functions of business – to make something, sell something, and watch the numbers.

Contact Janet at MacScotland for more information or to register: macscotland@outlook.com

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