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It is so important for a developing business to assess their market and understand clearly what is happening around them. We are no different in this respect.

Defacto Dentists engaged in a survey in order to discover patient behaviour patterns and dental clinic reactions to those. The results have been really interesting. The statistics shown are as a result of over 500 phone calls to dentists and to members of the public who have visited their dentist in the past 6 months.

We found that only 8% of dental practices are using on-line (real-time) appointment booking systems, but this is a 37% increase over last year’s statistics. However, 37% of practices offer an off-line (usually an email enquiry) solution which the practice has to respond to, in order to confirm an appointment. This is a 50% increase over last year which indicates that most practices understand the need to offer and out-of-hours booking service of some sort.

Indeed, 80% of practices are considering offering on-line appointment booking in the next 12 months. Great news for us!

We also looked closely at how patients (existing and new) expect to book their appointments. Overall, 91% of patients would prefer to book their appointments on-line….a figure much larger than we expected. This is primarily due to other industry sectors (hotels, salons, restaurants, etc) offering an on-line booking service. There were more in the 25 to 35 age band than others, but we attribute this to randomisation of participants. Perhaps more accurately, we see an even spread of age groups using our on-line appointment booking system on our sister site,

In conclusion, we see a willingness with practices wishing to adopt a real-time, on-line appointment booking system. Those practices on our website who have an on-line booking system, receive 6 times as many contacts as those without. The public certainly wish to have this facility available to them, at least as an option.

For further information on our survey, please contact us on or call us on 0141 333 6535.

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