Gum Lifts: What Are They & Who Are They For?

Gum lifting, also known as ‘gingivectomy’, is a cosmetic dentistry procedure which improves the overall appearance of your smile.

This popular procedure ensures that the gum line of your teeth is in the best possible position to show off your teeth.

Usually, a cosmetic gum lift is carried out in conjunction with other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers or crowns. Gum lifts ensure that you avoid having a ‘gummy smile’! By adjusting or restructuring excessive and/or uneven gum tissue, teeth appear more in proportionate and symmetrical!

How does it work?

It’s a pretty simple process really, and it’s relatively fast too. Your dentist will cut into and reshape the crooked gum area, using a soft tissue laser to seal off the blood vessels and minimise any bleeding. What’s more is that it is only done to the teeth that are visible when you smile so it isn’t very time consuming at all!

What happens afterwards?

Because of the laser used, there are no stitches involved. Most patients who undergo a gum lift should be able to eat and drink within 24 hours after surgery, and your gums will heal completely within the week after. We do recommend though that you stick to soft, pureed foods for the first few days after the surgery as not to cause any further irritation on the gums! Any pain that you do feel after treatment can be treated with over the counter pain relief such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Dentists will give patients specific aftercare instructions based on the severity of their case!

Further down the line…

To ensure there are no problems after your gum lift, it is crucial that you attend any follow up appointments arranged by your dentist. This will allow the dentist to check for any signs of infection and to make sure that your new gum line is healing the way it should be!

Unsure if it’s for you?

Ultimately, your dentist will be able to help you decide if a gum lift is a procedure that you’d benefit from. They’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure!

Finding a dentist?

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