Ensuring Healthy Development of Kid’s Teeth!

Promoting good oral health in children is vital.

The younger they learn, the better! We really do take our teeth for granted. We need them to eat, they play a vital role in holding the structure of our face and they help us to look great in photos too.

Ensuring good dental care from a young age will ensure that your kid’s teeth will develop correctly, not only through their early years, but through adulthood too.

A reoccurring problem…

For years, the main cause of children being admitted to hospital in the UK has been tooth decay. In a report released just last week, we found out that tooth decay is still the number one ailment that is landing kids in hospital beds! There were more cases of gum disease in kids than there were broken arms, cases of asthma, epilepsy and even appendicitis.

Today, we’re looking at some steps you can take to ensure that your kid’s teeth develop properly.

Take your children to the dentist before they turn one.

Dentists encourage patients to take their babies to the dentist before they turn 1 year old. As early as 6 months, dentists want to see your kids to perform a check-up. You might think this is a bit pointless as they might not even have their first tooth yet. However, dentists are able to examine baby’s mouths to determine tooth growth and development and see if there are going to be any underlying problems. The sooner you take a child to the dentist, the sooner they will feel comfortable going and build up a trust with their dentist.

NHS dentistry for children is free up until age 18.

Every child in the UK is eligible for free NHS dental care until they reach adulthood. From check-ups to fillings, there is no charge at all. Therefore, there is no excuse for children to go without dental treatment in the UK. While the service is there and free of charge, make sure you put it to good use.  Avoid missing kid’s appointments and book follow up appointments for you kids while you’re in the surgery for a check-up so that a 6 month check-up routine is maintained.

Maintain a good oral health care at home.

Lead by example. Manifesting a good oral health care routine into kids at a young age is crucial to ensure they maintain it into adulthood. Brushing twice a day for two minutes daily with the correct toothbrush and tooth paste is the first step to maintaining a healthy smile. The more you care for your kid’s teeth at home, the less trips to the dentist they’ll need!

Find a dentist near you!

If you need to register your child with a dentist, we can help you. Head over to our website and search your location. Then from the checklist on the left hand side, select ‘NHS’ and ‘Child-friendly’. Then all you have to do is browse your options. Read reviews from other patients, take a look around the practices and pick the one that suits your child best!

Also remember to check the Defacto Teeth Guarantee, a vital part of your family’s oral health care.

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