Do We Need Dentistry Awards?

Do we need dentistry awards?

Dentistry awards are becoming more common, but do we really need them?

It seems like there are award ceremonies for everything now. What may have once been considered a night for the elite, full of glitz and glamour is now something that most industries have regularly. However, dentistry awards seem to be causing a bit of a stir lately…

Do we need dentistry awards?

There are five different dental awards ceremonies we can think of off the tops of our heads. There are probably even more than that. With categories like ‘Best Patient Care’, ‘Most Outstanding Team’ and ‘Best Practice’. It’s not hard to see why clinics would enter into dentistry awards. But, that’s the issue.

It appears that some dentists are unhappy with the self-entry element. Dentistry awards, much like many ceremonies, require the clinic to put themselves forward. Although, some dentists don’t want to take the limelight away from the practices that do win, it doesn’t quite sit right with them. They believe that patients should put their practices forward for awards and then also vote on who should win. This would obviously be different to the current use of judging panels.

Do we need dentistry awards?

One dentist said:

“I have an issue with needing to put your own application together and submit it and that is what gets judged by a panel of judges without anyone actually knowing anything about you personally or what you are actually like.”

“The process is wrong…there are many great dentists and support staff that are some of the best in the country and haven’t got the time to enter the awards because they are too busy making the changes that the profession needs.”

“Just because someone can put a great presentation together that looks fancy and is well presented does not actually mean they are better than someone else who doesn’t quite have the administrative skills that they have…I know some superb dentists who’ve never won an award but I highly respect and their work is streaks ahead of mine.”

“I guess what I’m trying to get at is the best ones are rarely the ones who blow their own trumpet consistently but those who have been doing it for a long time and are the top of their professional game clinically.”

Do we need dentistry awards?

“Awards side of the evenings have always been a bit of a farce!”

Many dentists have happily won awards and attended the ceremonies and have been congratulated for doing so. It’s a night out and recognition for their work. Again, it’s understandable why they would want to. However, another dentist was clear on the sole reason that he attends dentistry awards:

“The only reason I’ve gone to any of the ceremonies was to socialise with my friends who have invited me … the awards side of the evenings have always been a bit of a farce!”

Do we need dentistry awards?

It’s yet to be measured if patients are more likely to lean toward an award winning practice. It cannot be denied that better practices could be, potentially, missing out on the opportunity to win due to the self entry element.

Whether you’re a dentist or a patient, we’d love to know your thoughts on dentistry awards. Do you love them, loathe them or are you indifferent?

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