The Rise of Orthodontics

Its undeniable that teeth are one of the first things we notice about people. Whether it’s vanity or popularity, there’s also no denying the rising trend of orthodontics.

the rise of orthodontics

The dream of having straighter, whiter and healthier teeth is more accessible than ever before. The public have a greater awareness of how orthodontics can positively impact on both appearance and well being. The fact that celebrities are now opting for treatments like Invisalign is also boosting its profile.

A survey conducted by The British Orthodontic Society earlier this year confirmed UK dentists have noticed a 75% increase in adult orthodontic treatments. The survey also highlighted that a quarter of dentists are starting more than 50 new adult cases each year. As well as revealing that these new patients seeking orthodontics are largely made up of older generations than you’d think. 66% of patients are 26-40 year olds and 22% are 41-55. More than 10% are 18-25 year olds. Although, the majority of the patients are female, a large number of males also opt in for treatment.

the rise of orthodontics

Orthodontics isn’t simply about improving your appearance. It can improve your health in general and fix oral issues like over and under bites. Orthodontic treatment helps the health of your teeth, gums and jaw joints, by spreading the biting pressure over all your teeth and getting rid of difficult to clean areas caused by crooked teeth. When the teeth don’t meet correctly, this can put strain on the muscles of the jaw, causing jaw and joint problems and sometimes headaches. Orthodontic treatment can help you to bite more evenly and reduce the strain.

the rise of orthodontics

More orthodontic options are now available.

Up until recently it felt like a death sentence to children who were told they needed to get braces. However, with the introduction of clear braces and clear aligners, train-track metal braces aren’t the only option anymore. Not to mention the fact that, as that statistics above have shown us, it’s not just children who are taking on straightening treatments.

One of the largest reasons people visit the dentist is to straighten or whiten their teeth for their wedding day. It’s common for brides and grooms to opt in for a more gentle treatment, like invisalign to fix their pearly whites for the big day. However, not all orthodontics are suited to everyone and you would need to consult your dentist or orthodontist for direction. Although orthodontics may take longer than other methods, it is less expensive, less invasive and more natural. Maybe that’s why it’s become so popular.

the rise of orthodontics

Have you had any adult orthodontic treatment? Or are you thinking about giving it a go?

Defacto would always recommend consulting your dentist about any treatments you wish to have. However, if you’re stuck between straightening methods, you could have a read of our blog ‘Braces VS Invisalign’ for a little insight into their differences.

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  1. Scott Pate on 28 March 2021 at 1:52 pm

    The benefits of orthodontic treatments include properly aligned teeth and jaws, healthy teeth and gums, pleasing appearance and improved self confidence. The demand for Orthodontics services is also increasing at an immense rate all over the world. People are seeking more orthodontics services today. Orthodontics treatment is the need of the hour and therefore numerous dentists are learning orthodontics and practicing it on regular basis.

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