Robert De Niro Has Dentophobia!

Celebrities are just like us after all! Apparently, Robert De Niro suffers from Dentophobia.

As you can imagine Dentophobia is a fear of the dentist and we know Robert De Niro isn’t the only one out there who has it.

robert de niro has dentophobia

The Goodfella’s actor believes that dentistry equipment can and will cause diseases. While that may not be the most common reason for Dentophobia, fear of the dentist and dental anxiety is still an issue many people face.

Nearly 75% of the adult global population is known suffer from dental anxiety. The phobia is linked to other phobias like the fear of needles (Tryphanophobia) fear of doctors (Iatrophobia) and others. Some cases of Detophobia are so extreme that the patient cannot even attend dental appointments.

robert de niro has dentophobia

Dentophobia can lead to a variety of physical and mental symptoms:

• Feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. Like you want to cry or scream. If you are shaking, sweating or feeling nauseated.
• You could experience a full-blown panic attack: wishing to flee, hide etc.
• Avoidance is the most common symptom: you may put off seeing the dentist for so long that it could lead to various complications. Gum disease, cavities, or worse, heart problems can also occur in such individuals.
• Often, dentophobia leads to greater expenses: worsening oral health could lead to more expensive treatments including Root canal therapy, costly bridges, implants, crowns etc.
• Poor dental health can also have an impact on your self-image and confidence

robert de niro has dentophobia

Like with many other fears, Dentophobia is likely instilled at a young age. Seeing a parent react negatively to a trip to the dentist is likely to cause anxiety in young children. Although, it may just be the general stimuli of a dental setting that is an issue. Drilling noises, white coats, antiseptic smells, and bright overhead lights. All of these can cause discomfort and fear in a person with dental anxiety.

Whatever the circumstances of your Dentophobia are, there are ways to recover from it.

While medication and therapy are options, the opportunity to opt for gentle dentistry is a growing trend. Dental clinics that offer gentle dentistry are offering a safe space for those with dental anxiety.


Dentists work in a manner that eases the fear (either by explanation of dental procedures one is performing or playing gentle music etc) can also help patients overcome this phobia. Some dentists recommend keeping stress balls that the patient can press to ease his anxiety. Having a supportive family member or friend along for the treatment can also ease the phobia. Hypnotherapy is also an option for those with extreme cases of dental anxiety.

No matter the scale of your fear, there is help out there for you. If you feel you are suffering from Dentophobia you can browse our website and you will be able to find practices offering gentle dentistry and even hypnotherapy. Maybe Robert De Niro should check out our website too!

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