Social Media – How Your Practice WILL benefit from being online.

social media, sharing, online, web, internet, social, engagement, practice management

How can your practice benefit from activity on popular social media ?

Nowadays, everyone is constantly connected. Whether it is chatting with family, friends and colleagues or engaging with brands and companies. Social media is a great way of getting the conversation flowing and it’s right at our finger tips.

Social media can be a great way for practices to bring in new patients as well as providing a conversation platform for existing patients. Today on the Defacto Dentists Blog, we’re going to talk about the three most popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and show you just how you can utilise them to boost traction levels for your practice!

social media, sharing, online, web, internet, social, engagement, practice management

First up: Facebook.

Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world. With Facebook, you have the option to set up your page as a business page. This means you can share vital business information with patients such as opening times, directions to your practice, and reviews, as well as regular content such as photos, videos and status updates. With a business page on Facebook, you can also boost posts. By Boosting a post on Facebook, you pay a small fee, a few pounds, or more if you wish, to get your post to reach a wider, targeted audience that you get to choose. This is ideal if you are looking to promote a special offer you have on at your clinic or want to share information about a new treatment that you have on offer.

Facebook also has the option to go live, meaning you can instantly broadcast to your followers at the click of a button! Dentaltown UK use the Facebook live tool really effectively when they’re out and about at events and Milad AKA The Singing Dentist often uses this to talk to his followers too!


social media, sharing, online, web, internet, social, engagement, practice management

Let’s talk about Twitter.

Twitter is a great way of starting a conversation due to its character limit. This means you have to get straight to the point right away! Hashtags are also a great way of bringing in a wider audience. Perhaps you’re a dentist in Manchester and you’ve just had a patient who has finished their course of Invisalign braces. You could tweet a photo of the smile transformation with a small caption and then hashtag #Invisalign #Manchester.

The character limit on Twitter can sometimes be frustrating but with the option to add videos, GIFs and images to a tweet can really help get your message across. With Twitter’s one click re-tweet option, the opportunity to have your content shared widely and fast is huge!

The power of Instagram!

Instagram is extremely popular amongst teenagers and twenty-somethings as young people are driven by images and video rather than by text. Studies have shown that across all ages of social media users that people are more likely to view an image than they are to sit and read many paragraphs worth of text! On Instagram, you can share images, videos, GIFS and boomerangs and again, have the opportunity to go Live.

A Brilliant Marketing Tool.

Being on social media is a brilliant way to market your practice and shout about what you’re great at. It’s free for the most part and can really boost traction to your website and cause an influx of new patients. If you’re not sure about how to use all of the above mentioned tools, one of the Social Media at Team at Defacto Dentists will be happy to give some advice!

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